20 June 2009


Haiz.....I'm very disappointed with my own best friend...they should not bully the others...if they bully the juniors, i still can accept can they bully their own seniors and don't have any respect to them....that really shocked me...i know they are good...they are the come they did that to their own seniors? i don't understand....haiz....i know i'm not one of them and i don't have the right to critic about them...but...they are still wrong...i'm a leader too...i know it's not easy to be a leader out's still not a right way to not respect the the others want to respect you as you din respect the others? think about it...i'm not agree with what they did to the seniors...have they ever think that whithout the seniors, they are nothing, but just a empty bottle? get a high pangkat din mean that you are the best and put the others under your shoes....if the seniors din let they go for the kenaikan pangkat, they also can't get the pangkat....there are still the good seniors out there...they get the pangkat as the seniors gave the chance to them....if not, they are still an ordinary person wothout any be humble and respect the others....i'm just giving my comment at my point of view...sorry if i hurt anyone with my comment.... i just don't think it's the right way to be a good all as the juniors are still young and talented....but...still you have to learn from the seniors...learn to be humble and respect the others ba... so that you can be a better leader....

16 June 2009


Friendship come and go
like wave upon the sand
like day and night
like birds in flight
like snowflakes when they land
but you and i are something else
Our friendship here stay always
like weeds and rocks and dirty socks
it never goes away!

~Friendship Forever~

We came from somewhere
We met here and stood as one
When problem arised
We hold our hand tightly
Building a barrier against it
When happiness were around
We shared them equally
When one cried
Pairs of hands came wiping the tears
When one in pain
We all suffered too
When one was alone
We all accompanied together
When one was heartbroken
We all fixed it with our smiles

Will this happen again?
Will all this be a part of our life again?
Will we be there
For each and other again?
Will we get a chance
To hold our hands together?
To laugh together?
To share happiness and sorrow together?

One day
We go away apart from others
As a stranger?
That one day
We'll cry alone in the dark
With only the silent night beside
For we'll have no hands to wipe away our tears
For we'll have no shoulders to lean on
For we'll have no one to hear es

As we leave, lets leave as ONE
And if possible, live as ONE
Friendship forever...

Written by,
My Dear Sissy,
Karthiapurani Thirugana Selvan

13 June 2009

Byebye Holiday...

Today is the last day of the holiday....i'll be going back to school tomorrow...wake up early, study from morning til afternoon... tuition on the evening and night.... haiz.... back to the busy life.... hope after this there will be no more co-curriculum activity... if not, sure there will be not enough time for me to stdy for my SPM... i heard Miss liow said that UPSI wants our school's choir and caklempong for an activity on July... hope i don't have to get involve... my ears cannot bear to hear any of my parents and teachers nagging anymore....

11 June 2009


I am forcing myself to do my school homework... but... it's not easy.... i am too lazy to pick up my pen and twist my brain to finish up my homework... haiz~~why teacher have to give us soooo many homework? i don't get it... i just don't like homework....i want to rest... but... i can't... haiyo~no matter what, i have to finish my homework before the school reopens... if not, the teachers sure will KILL me....haiz

09 June 2009

A Long Night~~

yesterday, my grandparents, my aunty and cousin brother came to my house.... it was a fine evening.... we all went to eat dinner at 6.30pm... everyone ordered except my grandpa... he said he's scared that he can't finish the food so he decided to share with my brother....we had our dinner early because my father need to send my cousin brother to the train station.... after that, we all went usual, i watched tv, play uno card with my brother until 11.00pm... suddenly, i heard a cry from the's my grandpa's voice...he's in pain...he said his leg, my father took the medicine and put on his leg...then, i massage his father then went to sleep because he has to drive to kl the next morning...i continue massage my grandpa's leg...he then said that his head spinning....i then massage his head....suddenly, he said something that made me sad...he said that no one care about him when he is sick....that's so not true! i do care about him... i love him... but why he said that no one care about him? i don't understand...finally, my grandpa went to sleep at 1.45am...i took my pillow and lie beside my grandpa... i'm scared that he will be in pain and wake up once again.... i watched the clock's needle turn from 2 to 3.... my grandpa still sleeping....then i took my pillow back to my room and try to sleep....but i can't sleep....i can't stop thinking of what my grandpa said earlier....haiz~~

08 June 2009

My Future~~

Today, my mom asked me what is my aim after my SPM.... hmm~~what a tough question... i really don't know what is my aim after this SPM..... For sure, i won't be a teacher..... be a teacher is not as easy as what people think..... the responsible of a teacher is as big as a responsible of a mother to her child...... i also don't want to be like my mom..... doing work from morning til night.... nonstop leh... then, my mom came out with an idea... she asked me to be a doctor... OMG!! it's not easy to be a doctor.... my result are not as good as others.... after that, my mom came out with another idea.... she asked me to be a dentist instead of being a doctor..... hmm~~~ that's not bad... i'll think about it..... haiz~~why everybody starts to ask me the same question? i really don't have any plan for my future yet.... but.... haiz..... maybe they are right..... maybe it's time for me to grow up and think of my own future.....

07 June 2009

~Final Fantasy X~

Final Fantasy X begins late in the story, with the main character, Tidus, waiting with his allies outside the ruined city of Zanarkand. Tidus narrates the series of events leading up to his present situation, which spans most of the game's storyline. It begins in Tidus' home city, the unruined and high-tech Zanarkand, where he is a renowned star of the underwater sport blitzball. During a blitzball tournament, the city is attacked by an immense creature shrouded in water known as Sin. The city is destroyed, and Tidus is taken by Sin to the world Spira.

After arriving in Spira, Tidus is rescued by Al Bhed divers in the area, and upon asking where he is from, one of them, Rikku, tells him that Zanarkand had been destroyed 1000 years earlier. After another attack by Sin, Tidus is separated from the divers and drifts to the tropical island Besaid, where he meets Wakka, the captain of the local blitzball team. Wakka introduces Tidus to Yuna, a young summoner planning a pilgrimage to destroy Sin using the "Final Aeon" from the ruins of Zanarkand. Accompanying Yuna are her guardians: Lulu, Wakka and Kimahri. The party travels to gather aeons, defending against attacks by Sin. The party encounters Auron, who joins them. He reveals to Tidus that Yuna's father, Lord Braska; Tidus's father, Jecht; and he himself made the same pilgrimage and defeated Sin ten years ago. Tidus thought his father had died at sea ten years earlier. Following more encounters with Sin, they are joined by Rikku, who is revealed to be Yuna's cousin.

When the party arrives in the Guado city Guadosalam, Seymour proposes to Yuna, and she informs the group of her intent to marry him for Spira's sake. Seymour's aide, Tromell, guides the group to Guadosalam's temple, where they see a message from Seymour's late father. He declares he was killed by his son, and that Seymour's evil nature will destroy Spira. The group engages Seymour in battle and defeats him; soon afterward, Sin attacks the group and they lose track of Yuna. Rikku guides the group to the Al Bhed "Home", which is under attack by Yevon. While searching Home's base, Tidus learns that a summoner must give their life to perform the "Final Summoning". Using the Al Bhed's airship, they escape the base before it is destroyed. The group resolves to save Yuna and they discover her at Bevelle, where she is forced into marrying the now unsent Seymour. They interrupt the wedding and escape with Yuna towards Mt. Gagazet, where Seymour has slaughtered the tribe there; after defeating him, the group heads to Zanarkand.

Tidus learns that he, Jecht, and the Zanarkand they hail from are summoned entities akin to aeons. Long ago a summoner named Yevon had the city's surviving people become "fayth" so that he could use their memories of Zanarkand to create a new city in its image, removed from the warfare on the Spiran mainland. Sin was also created, given form by Yevon to serve as armor; protecting himself and the fayth. While continuously summoning Dream Zanarkand, Yevon lost his humanity and became known as Yu Yevon, a being existing solely to maintain Dream Zanarkand's existence. Over the next 1000 years, Sin would persistently attack the people of Spira to prevent the discovery of Dream Zanarkand's existence.

Once the player completes Yuna's pilgrimage, Lady Yunalesca—Yevon's daughter and the first summoner to have defeated Sin tells the group that the Final Aeon is created from the spirit of one close to a summoner. After defeating Sin, Yu Yevon's spirit possesses the aeon, transforming it into a new Sin. The group decides against using the Final Aeon and they defeat Yunalesca. They then seek a new way to permanently destroy Sin that will not require any sacrifices. This leads the group to enter Sin's body and battle Seymour, Jecht's imprisoned spirit, and Yu Yevon. Sin's cycle of rebirth ends, and the spirits of Spira's fayth are freed from their imprisonment, dispersing the pyreflies of the aeons, Dream Zanarkand, and Tidus in the process. Afterward, in a speech to the citizens of Spira, Yuna resolves to help rebuild the world now that it is free of Sin. After the credits, there is a brief scene with Tidus underwater. He opens his eyes and begins swimming upward, and the screen fades to white. There is also a romance subplot between Tidus and Yuna where during the story, they build a relationship which is forced to end when Tidus fades away. However, the underwater scene, as well as a possible continuation of their relationship, is explained (if the player meets certain conditions) in the sequel,Final Fantasy X-2.