16 May 2011


jangan igt diorang yg ko puja2 selama nie tu bagus sgt...
jgn nk buat org lain naik angin tgh2 malam ni...
mmg... mmg ko suke sgt ngan bini2 ko tu...
tak guna la klau pkai mic tp tak nyayi langsung....
asyik bergantung kt recorded music je...
memang penyanyi sejati diorang tu....
bagus la....
pastu... jgn la nk berlagak mcm ko tau sgt pasal super junior ek...
tolong cermin sikit diri tu....
i am into kpop before u r...
so, juz shut ur big fat mouth and get lost,...
i'm nt gonna tolerate tis anymore cuz u r making my best friend annoyed each time u talked about them....
hav u ever think tat those artists are not urs???
if u r the boss of the company, thn u cn talk like they are yours....
if not, juz shut ur fucking mouth and get lost...
i dunwan to see u making my friend angry anymore......

13 May 2011

a picture of my favourite night~

wondering wad is it??
haaha XD XD tis picture was took on our Asasi TESL dinner....
why tis picture???
because tis picture shows our bond....
hehe~ ^.^

06 May 2011

a picture of the cast from your favourite show~ ^.^

favourite show??
can i choose drama??
i guess, i can! cuz, tis is my bloggie~ hahahahaha XD XD *crazy mode*
my favourite drama will be DA CHANG JIN (tat is in chinese) which is The Great Jang Geum (in English)~~
it's a korean drama...
this drama shows how a young girl work hard and be the first female doctor in the century....
it was a very interesting drama which catched the eyes of all my family members a few years ago.... not many korean drama can catch the eyes of my family... ^.^
so, my favourite cast from the drama would be, Lee Young Ae who acted as Seo Jang Geum...
she's a very great actress and i juz love her~
below would be her picture from the drama~ ^.^

05 May 2011

a picture of myself and the one tat i've been wif the longest~~ ^.^

here comes the 2nd challenge~~
i juz love this challenge~ <3 <3

a picture of myself wif the one tat i have been wif the longest???
i'll choose among friends.....
(i've stated thr CLEARLY tat i'll choose among friends.... cuz, basically, i've been wif my mother the longest rite?? tat is based on logic... i noe.... bt, i'll choose among friends..... understood??)

okay..... no offence..... based on my calculation,
below is the picture,

haha XD XD
yes! the answer is kaman kong~~ hahaha XD XD
she's my best friend since i'm standard four....
although gt other girls, bt i'll still choose kaman kong....

to, atifa binti zainal abidin, i love you sayang.... u r important to me.... u r always my very best friend... but, i knew u at form 1, still, u r nt the longest wif me~ somehow, i love you very much..... <3 <3
to xinyi, yes, u r someone important in my life too, but, i knew you since form 4, still can't beat kaman kong~ dun marah lo~~~ love you always <3
to, emerlyn, chiyan, pingping, yeeling n other friends tat i knew from standard 4, jangan terasa tau! cuz, kaman is the closest one wif me among u guys~ miss you guys! ^.^

hehe~ somehow, i wan to introduce my best buddies tat are wif me since a long time ago~~
i'll post few more pictures of me wif my friends... my best buddies!! <3 <3

haha XD XD tat's my sayang~~ ^.^

an important person in my life~ blublu~~ ^.^

my buddies~~ miss you guys!! =) =)

a picture of myself & 10 facts about me~~ ^.^

there.... a picture of myself.... only 1??? can i put more??? why??? cuz i want to~~ hahahaha XD XD XD

here comes another one~~ ^.^

okay~ done with pictures.....
now, bac to business~
10 facts about me???
hehe~~ wanna noe me?? (thn scroll down lo~ easy work! haha XD XD)

my name is Liyana... full name?? Liyana... yea... tat is my name... my name doesn't content any nur, or siti or.... etc. etc... hahaha XD XD
my father's name?? Hasnan..... aahhh! Hasnan bin Ahmad~~ So, my full full name is LIYANA BINTI HASNAN~ short and nice! <3 <3

okay, i'm..... errr....18 going on 19..... because my birthday is on 24th october 1992.... which equals to, i'm nt fully 19 yet~ hehehe~ still young, i noe~~ ^.^

i live in tanjong malim... yes!! wad??? u never heard of tanjong malim??? google it please~~ everything is on google now~~ ^.^ =P =P

how tall am i??? hmmmmm~~ 160++ i guess??? hahahaha XD XD i dunno! i dun have the scale at my house now... why dun u buy one for me??? XD XD XD

my weight??? hmm~~~ tat's a secret which i dun tell anyone... never mind i let you guess, hmmm.... below 100 yea~~ XD XD XD

my family?? i told you about my father already, ok!! my mother, her name is Nadiah Yan binti Abdullah, her real name is Yan Fong Lan... wad??? yea... she's a chinese... so?? she's my mother... i love her soooo much!! <3 <3 <3 i have 2 brothers, hazwan and hazman.... yea..... correct... be careful with your tounge, because when you say it out loud tooo many times, they'll twist~ hahahaha XD XD yes, the older one is hazwan and the younger one is hazman~~ ^.^

wad do i love??
hehe~ i love... CHOCOLATE.... yes... bt only BLACK CHOCOLATE... read my lips, B...L....A...C...K... BLACK~~~~ ok??? XD XD
besides that, i love to online, fb-ing, twitter-ing and tumblr-ing (which i seldom do) and oso, most of all, listening to music!! my favourite....

hmm.... wad else??? Ah!! i juz finished my study at UiTM Shah Alam which is a cool place where i met cool friends!! <3 <3 i took Foundation in TESL... wondering wad is TESL??? TESL is Teaching English as Second Language....

do i want to be a teacher??? of course,....... N....O.... NO!!! i took Foundation in TESL because tat time, in the university system, no other english courses were offered... so, i have to take TESL cuz of my passion towards English~~ ^^

and last but not least, i like BLUE!! which is blue colour~~ i like everything tat appears in blue.... bt, the blue must be beautiful... dun ruin my favourite blue colour!! ok??

tq~~ hihihi~~ ^.^

30 days challenge~

hmm~ since i dunno wad to post in my blog....
i found tus, which is the topic thr, 30 days challenge interersting~~
hmm~~ i think... i can't accomplish it in 30 days....
bt i hope i cn finish it in 30 days~~
i got this from my friends, atifa~~
it has been a long time since i contacted her....
i'm busy with my work....
i hope she's happy and healthy rite now...
ifa, i heard ur finger hurt, are you ok?? is ur finger ok now???
although i din contact her as much as i would like the last time, i hope she knows tat i really care about her....
ok, bac to the topic, the 30 days challenge....
wad is it about???
wanna noe??
here weeeee go~~~
1st, a picture of yourself with 10 facts~~ (ok.... errrrrr~ wad to write??)
2nd,a picture of you and the one you have been the closest with the longest.... ^^
3rd, a picture of the cast from your favourite show.... XD
4th, a picture of your favourite night~~~ (i dun hav tat~ ooopppsss) >_<
5th, a picture of your favourite memory~~ (hehe~ i do have tat~~ XD XD)
6th, a picture of a person you'd love to trade places wif one day.... ^^
7th, a picture of your most treasured item~ T__T
8th, a picture that makes you laugh~ XD XD
9th, a picture of a person who has gotten you the most.... (errr.... i dun really gt tis)
10th, a picture of a person you do the most of your rutine with~ (hmmmmm~~)
11th, a picture of something you hate~~ >_<
12th, a picture of something you LOVE~~ <3 <3
13th, a picture of your favourite band or artists.... (hmm... which one should i put??)
14th, a picture of someone you could never imagine your life without.... XD XD
15th, a picture of something you want to do before you die~~~
16th, a picture of someone who inspires you~ XD XD
17th, a picture of something that had made a huge impact on your life recently... ^^
18th, a picture of your biggest insecurity~ >_<
19th, a picture and a letter~ (hihihihihi~ ~.~)
20th, a picture of somewhere you'd love to travel~~ XD XD
21st, a picture of something you wish you were better at~
22nd, a picture of your favourite book.... <3 <3 (i think i have 1~~)
23rd, a picture of something you wish you could change~ ( i noe!!! ~.~)
24th, a picture of your favourite day~ <3
25th, a picture of something that means a lot to you~~ (hmmmmmmmm~~~~~~)
26th, a picture of yourself and a family member~ <3
27th, a picture of something you are afraid of~ >_<
28th, a picture that can always make you smile~ =) =)
29th, a picture of something you wish you could forget~
30th, a picture of someone you miss~~ ^.^

okay, now i hope tat i can accomplish all these~~
starting today!! hihi~~ XD XD
love doing all these... bt, whr can i get all those pictures??? =.="
got to work on it rite now~~ =)