11 April 2010

UITM interview~

i was called for an interview at UITM... it was held on saturday, 8.30 am at shah alam... me and my dad started our journey to shah alam at 7.00 am... we reached there around 8.00 and we started to search for UITM, kampus seksyen 17.... there's lots of round a bout there... and, the worst part is.... no SIGNBOARD!!!~ thn, we reached UITM..... bt, there's no fakulti pendidikan there.... there was seksyen 2,3,4,5,6,7,8.... so, we have to go out again.... i even called the hot line to ask for diredtion.... i was late for my written test... so, i straight away went into the hall to sit for my written test... after an hour, i have to move to room LEC 301 for my interview... when i reached there, i saw many nervous and scared faces... so, i went in front to ask the admin there... he said my turn is no 10... so, i waited around half an hour..... when i walked into the room, i saw 2 interviewers sitting there... so, i put my certs on the table and went to take my sit... the interviewers asked me some simple questions.. such as, my biodata, my family background, why i want to take TESL... why i want to take the course at UITM but not at UPSI cuz my mum work there... and, they also asked me to talk about tanjong malim... haha XD the questions are simple.. but, i can't answer it that well cuz i'm nervous... haha XD after the interview, i had my breakfast and went back to tm~ haha XD