30 July 2009

Hari Anugerah~~

today is our school's Hari Anugerah... i have been busy helping atifa and teachers with the preparations for the Hari Anugerah's stage for 2 days... not just that, i also busy practising choir and caklempong for the past 2 weeks for this event.... the event went smoothly... but, as a student who are involved in several persembahan and anugerah, i have to rushing all the time to change my outfit and rushing to do persembahan and also rushing to take the anugerah.... just like what my friend said, i have to do fashion show today... because of the rushing, i missed the chance to talk to my kawad coach, En Rizal... it has been a long time since i last saw him.... miss him so much... hope next time i'll have a chance to thank him... because of him i won the anugerah gemilang khas kokurikulum unit beruniform (perempuan)... he really taught me a lot about Kadet Polis and kawad... and because of him, the KP girl squad won the kawad kaki formasi daerah and managed to go to the state level... i heard he also got take anugerah just now... congratz lo...... now, i can't really feel my own leg as my both legs are paining because i keep on running, jumping and rushing for the whole day... i am so tired today.... i'm going to have my nice sleep later... although i'm very tired, but i'm very satisfied and happy because this is my last event in school as i'm in form 5 this year.... need to study for SPM le lo.... trial is coming soon... hope my friends also started to study le o.... hehe

26 July 2009

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

today, i went to kl with my family to watch the movie 'Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince'... this is a very interesting movie... but this episode is a sad episode because of the death of Dumbledore......

below are the synopsis of the movie:
Scarred by his experience at the Ministry of Magic with Voldemort, Harry is reluctant to return to Hogwarts. Dumbledore encourages him to continue, after taking him to see a former professor, Horace Slughorn, hoping that Slughorn would return to Hogwarts and take Harry under his wing.

Meanwhile, Death Eaters begin to wreck havoc both towards Muggles, destroying the Millennium Bridge, and Wizards, kidnapping the wandmaker Mr. Ollivander and destroying his Diagon Alley shop. Bellatrix Lestrange entreats Severus Snape to enter an Unbreakable Vow with Draco Malfoy's mother, Narcissa, assuring that he will complete the task assigned to Draco should Draco fail and that he will protect him and make sure he doesn't get hurt. Harry, Ron and Hermione, while in Diagon Alley, spot Draco entering Borgin and Burkes and taking part in a ritual with other Death Eaters, and become suspicious of his actions.

At Hogwarts, the school is under tight security to prevent the Death Eaters from entering the school. With Slughorn back to teach Potions, Snape is given Defense Against the Dark Arts. Harry and Ron are encouraged by Professor McGonagall to take up Potions now that Slughorn, with lower standards, is teaching the class; however, as neither was expecting to take the course, they are given textbooks. Harry's book is annotated with more exact instructions to complete potions, giving him an edge over the other students, and finds that it once belonged to the "Half-Blood Prince", a term Hermione cannot figure out. Meanwhile, Ron becomes the successful Gryffindor's Quidditch goalie, attracting the love of Lavender Brown, much to Hermione's chagrin. Harry is also upset over Ginny's attraction to Dean Thomas. During the Christmas Break while Harry and Ron are at the Burrow, the Death Eaters come intending to kidnap Harry, but are forced to retreat after they are outnumbered by Order of the Phoenix members. Before they leave they set fire to the Burrow, and the Weasleys are gathered outside the house, leaving Harry regretting the evil that he has brought down upon people he cares about.

Dumbledore reveals to Harry through the Pensieve memories of Tom RiddleVoldemort's original nameincluding a false memory from Slughorn, when Riddle asked him about a certain resistricted Dark Art. The memory fails to reveal this art, and Dumbledore believes that the key to defeating Voldemort is to learn what Dark Art Riddle asked about, and instructs Harry to further confide himself to Slughorn. Using a Luck potion he won earlier in the school year, Harry is able to bring Slughorn to be intoxicated with Hagrid and convinces the professor in his stupor to give him the true memory. This memory reveals that Riddle inquired about the creation of Horcruxes, devices that store a portion of the creator's soul to allow them to live indefinitely. Dumbledore reveals that Riddle's diary and his mother's ring were two of seven Horcruxes that Riddle had created, and that they must track these down and destroy them to make Voldemort mortal.

Meanwhile, Harry continues to be suspicious of Draco's actions, following him around the school but no success in determining what he seeks. Harry believes Draco to be behind two indirect attempts on Dumbledore's life, one through a cursed necklace that Katie Bell, under an Imperius Curse, was bringing to Dumbledore as a gift, and another through a bottle of poisoned wine that Slughorn, similarly cursed, planned to give to the professor. The latter is discovered accidently when Ron ingests the poison; though he recovers with medical treatment, he unconsciously mumbles Hermione's name in front of Lavender, sending her away crying. After this incident, Harry corners Draco in the toilets and after a short fight casts the Sectumsempra curse from the Half-Blood Prince's book, severely harming Draco. Snape arrives knowing that he let Draco get hurt and that he broke one of the promises and heals him. Ginny convinces Harry to hide the book in the Room of Requirement to prevent him from using it again; there, they discover, unknown to them, a Vanishing Cabinet, which Draco has been attempting to repair, but think nothing of it further. Ginny also reveals her love for Harry, and they kiss after she hides the book.

Dumbledore implores Harry to help him recover another Horcrux, the location of which he recently learned. The two apparate to a seaside cliff, and enter a cave where the Horcrux is located. On a small crystalline island, Dumbledore forces Harry to make him drink a mind-altering liquid in order to reveal the Horcrux. While Dumbledore recovers from the liquid, Harry recovers the Horcrux, a small pendant. Harry tries to help Dumbeldore recover, but they are attacked by numerous inferi. Dumbledore recovers in time to set them aflame, and the two return to the Astronomy Tower at Hogwarts.

Dumbledore, still weakened by the trial, instructs Harry to go to get Snape. However, before Harry can go, footsteps are heard, and Dumbledore tells Harry to hide on the lower floor. The footsteps belong to Draco, who prepares to kill Dumbledore, but cannot bring himself to do so. Meanwhile, with the Vanishing Cabinet fixed, Bellatrix and other Death Eaters are able to invade Hogwarts through a similar cabinet at Borgin and Burkes, and join Draco in the tower. Snape silently arrives on the lower floor, indicating to Harry to stay quiet, and then goes upstairs, joining the other Death Eaters. Snape then casts the killing spell Avada Kedavra on Dumbledore, throwing him over the side of the Tower and killing him. Snape, Draco, and the other Death Eaters depart the school, Bellatrix casting the Death Eaters' sign over the school, destroying the Great Hall and setting fire to Hagrid's hut in glee. Harry tries to stop them with the Sectumsempra spell, but Snape deflects it and stuns him. As he departs, he explains that he is the Half-Blood Prince and the creator of the spell.

Harry returns to the school to find the staff and students mourning over Dumbledore's death. Harry walks over to Dumbledore's body lying in front of them, grieving as Ginny comforts him. When he returns to the late headmaster's office one last time, McGonagall confronts him and asks him to open up to her, but he does not comply and leaves. A portrait of Dumbledore can be seen hanging on a wall behind them.

Harry reveals to Ron and Hermione that the Horcrux they got was a fake, containing a message from an "R.A.B." that stated he had already taken it, but is also seeking to end Voldemort's life. Harry tells his friends that he does not plan to return next year, instead seeking out R.A.B. and the other Horcruxes so that he may put an end to Voldemort; Ron and Hermione remind Harry that they are his friends and will help alongside him in his goal.

21 July 2009

Fiendship Quotes~

don't walk in front of me, i may not follow,
don't walk behind me, i may not lead,
walk beside me, and be my friend.

a hug is worth a thousand words,
a friend is worth more..

friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life...

friendship is one mind in two bodies and two souls in one body...

truth and tears clear the way to a deep and long-lasting friendship..

friendship: a building contact you sign with laughter and break with tears...

without friends, no one would choose to live, though they had all other goods..

when friends stop being frank and useful to each and other,
the whole world loses some of its radiance...

never kiss a friend, if you have deeper feelings,
never reveal them, or you'll lose your friend forever...

do not save your loving speeches for your friend till they are dead.
do not write them on their thombstone either. speak them rather now instead...

if all my friends were to jump off a bridge, i wouldn't jump with them,
i'd be at the bottom to catch them...

time isn't what makes friendship last, it's love and devotion that keeps the tie between souls...

material things cannot make the soul whole,
only the loses trust and loyalty of friends can do that....

there is no distance too great between friends,
for love gives wings to the heart...

a friendship is like a rainbow, they brighten your life when you have been through a storm...

11 July 2009

Atifa's Birthday Surprise Party~~~

yesterday, me, maryam, kama, syazlin, amin, azzard, syafiq, aman, dzaim, atiqah dan puteri went to easy cafe to celebrate atifa's birthday... this was the first surprise party planned by me myself and maryam... we planned it since last week... atifa thought yesterday was the gathering for syafiq... we surprised her with a chocolate cake... she love chocolate... and the best part was we don't even have to sing the birthday song.... the birthday song was played by the radio there in the shop... so nice... hehe... after eating cake, atifa opened her presents.... she was happy with the presents she got.... hehe.. happy birthday lo Atifa...

06 July 2009

Welcome Home~~

Today, my mom just came back from Pasir Salak. she went there since last thursday... she went for BTN course... kursus biro tatanegara.... she said she went there and learn about lots of thing... especially sejarah.... she said she can teach me sejarah if i don't understand... hehe... now my mom became a sejarah teacher instead of english teacher lo.... just now, she talked to me about the perlembagaan, the perjanjian and all sorts of thing... my mom really can't stop talking about sejarah le... she said the course made her love sejarah... made her feel sejarah is an interesting subject... so, if next time you got any problem regarding sejarah, can always ask my mom o... hehe

05 July 2009


haha... i juz finished watching the drama 霹雳MIT... the drama is quite interesting... sort of like detective conan de... solving problems....i fell in love with this drama le... although sometimes it is quite scary... but still... very interesting....

these are some information about the drama,
片 名】:霹雳MIT
【片 长】:未知
【地 区】:中国台湾
【类 型】:校园侦探剧
【语 言】:国语 普通话
【主 演】:
人物介绍007 逻辑推理能力一流的冷酷男「詹士德」(炎亚纶饰)
天魔星 依靠算命直觉的恍神公主「李晓星」(吴映洁〈鬼鬼〉饰)

在这个 史上号称校规最严苛的百年私校「圣英学园」里,学生之间口耳相传的,不是春风化雨的老掉牙故事,而是一旦有人想破坏校园宁静、引发可怕风波的时候,霹雳 MIT就会出动,及时阻止事件的发生,默默守护著圣英的正义与和平的传奇。因种种原因,霹雳MIT消失,校园开始作乱,只剩下末代霹雳美眉CHERRY老 师(范玮琪饰)。为了振兴校园、重伸正义,决定感召代号007「詹士德」(炎亚纶饰)、187「钱富豪」(陆庭威饰)、747「黄辉宏」(黄鸿升〈小鬼〉 饰)以及天魔星 「李晓星」(吴映洁〈鬼鬼〉饰)这四名‘无恶不作‘的学生,成立新一代进化版的 霹雳MIT」,来阻止校园里的作恶,让圣英学园重回过去的辉煌美名。
   当校园里第一个不幸意外发生,谁也没想到这只是整个恶整游戏的开端,黑暗中窥视著一切的恶魔,早已悄悄接近CHERRY老师所带领的霹雳MIT,要和他们 玩一场恶魔游戏。每一道关卡获胜的人,可以得到一块拼图,只要将所有拼图拼凑起来,就可以得知恶魔的真面目。但是,万一输了的话,这个学校就会受到永远的 诅咒,再也没有恢复平静的一天。为了圣英学园,霹雳队员纷纷出动对抗黑暗势力,但谁是恶魔?曾是美眉教主的天使老师(田丽饰)又与CHERRY老师有何恩 怨?而在充满危机的任务下,霹雳队员们的友情、爱情,又会对任务产生什麼样的影响?