12 September 2011

first day as a degree student~

it was an excited, happy yet sad day~
i was excited and happy cuz today i'm officially a degree student~ ^^
bt i'm sad cuz i feel tat i'm sooo old cuz i'm a degree student now~
okei~ i went to faculty tis morning...
so i registered myself...
and thn i chose my class.....
after tat, i walked back to hostel n rest... cuz the classes in the morning was canceled due to the registration.....
so, we attended the evening class...
the lecturer was kind and strict at the same time....
he gt his point whr he wanted us to speak english all the time no matter whr and hw~ ^^
so, i decided to do tat in the faculty??
cuz it will be weird whn i talk english suddenly wif my roommates~ haha XD
anyway, i hope tat my degree life and classmates would be fun and exciting!


i'm gonna tell a story bout my roommates~
okei~ actually, i dun really noe them yet.....
however, i knew them before tis cuz we were in the same faculty....
guess wad? we were all from asasi TESL! haha XD
tat makes me happy~ ^.^
my first roommate, let me introduce to you, rara!
yes rara.... my ex classmate from sem 2 and now she became my roommate! hihi~ love her~~
the next one would be jiha~~
she's a very kind and funny girl~ haha XD
luv being wif her~ ^^
last but not least, it would be intan~ yea intan~
ppl said tat she seldom stay in hostel cuz her house are too near~
however, she seems to be staying in hostel tis sem!
luv hanging out wif her....
anyway, she's a ruler.... as in too innocent~ haha XD
love to have the sporting and fun roommates~ hihi~

orentasi oh orentasi!

bru je lepas orentasi sabtu lepas....
n penat gilerrrrrrr.............
orentasi xbape best.... bt it was better than last time whn i was in asasi....
we had lots of fun together as mawarians except the mawar berduri part.....
had fun among ourselves~ haha XD
anyway, pendaftaran sume berjalan dengan lancar dan cepat!
seronok giler! dgn air-cond yg nyaman tuh! hahaha XD
best! bt, the waiting part was not fun at all~
anyway, i had fun wif my frens~~ ^.^
i hope tat my degree life would be more fun than now~