21 December 2009

wei khai's wedding.....

wei khai & siau zhen

~my family~

yesterday was my cousin brother, wei khai's wedding... it was fun... i got to know the way of chinese people married.... it's a tiring day.. slept late, woke up early in the morning... had breakfast, then went to my uncle's house..... they got yam cha ceremony that morning..... got pantang de wor... my cousin brother is a monkey... so, all the tigers cannot look at him while he step into the house with his bride... hmm.... so weird... and, there's lot's of tigers.... my uncle himself was a tiger... my dad, my aunties.... haha.... but nevermind la.... then the ceremony continues.... after that, we stayed at uncle's house until 11 something.... we went back grandma's house cuz she wanted to take something... and i changed my blur colour baju kurung to a blouse with blue colour jeans.... easier for me to walk... haha... then we went back to my unlce's house.... after half an hour, we went to smk yok bin's hall for the lunch.... we went there early.... i was pointed to take care of the lcd presentation that day... sooo tiring... everytime the photo presentation stops, i got to went in front to replay the thing.... i did it for almost 3 hours..... while eating, i have to stop and ran in front just to replay the thing.... HUH! tired... then the food... too many for 5 of us.... they all had chinese food... but, my family had malay food instead.... just five of us... can't finish the 10 person's food... our food came earlier... so, my uncles and cousin brother came to our table to taste the food while waiting for their food.... haha... that's funny.... we finished our meal earlier.... then, my uncle asked me to get all the people's signature.... luckily i managed to get most of the signature.... i took their signature when they were waiting for their food.... can't disturb them when they were eating... not good.... haiz.... then cut cake, champaigne, and so on so on.... we finished around 4 something.... then i saw the bride vomit.... maybe because drink too much... cannot tahan... we headed back to my uncle's house.... after half an hour sitting there and chatting, we got a news from uncle wee.... he told us that his father passed away... my aunt cried... my mom cried.. and my grandma cried too... it suppose to be a happy day... but, i ended up with a bad news... it's ok.... i hope everything will be ok.... at night, we had dinner at Johnny's restraunt... me and my little brother had steamboot... it's nice... we liked it.... haha XD hope next time got a chance to eat there again... ^_^


18 December 2009


hmm... it's a very boring day today... while i was cleaning the shop, i found a pack of colour papers.... so, i thought of doing somethind with it to fill up my boring day.... then i thought of doing bookmark... this time, i did it using my both hands... not computer... and it's quite original... my little brother liked most of the bookmarks that i did.... haha... hope it's nice... if anyone of u want it, please do inform me... haha XD

17 December 2009

Hanging out with liyana~

haha.. yes... i'm liyana... and i met another liyana today.... me and another 4 girls, emerlyn, kaman, laiping and chiyan went to hang out with liyana hassim... she's our old friend... she went to australia went we were in standard 5..... she used to study in the same school with us.... i mean chung sin... haha... and she changed a lot.... we hang out at easy cafe.... oh my god!! i never thought that it will be so cold there....and it's probably because i sat under the fan.... ==" at first, we din talk much... we don't know what to talk.... so, we ordered our foods and drinks and had our dinner first.... after that, we started to look for a topic to talk.... first, we talked about our examination.... in malaysia, there's no limit of subjects to take for the spm examination.... but, in australia, the minimum subject to get into uni are 4 and the maximum are 6.... wow! it's very surprising.... and it sounds easy too.... they also got to choose whatever subject they wanted to take... the education system there is really different from malaysia.... then she told us that they did homestay at australia... there were students that are permanently staying at their house too.... she told us that they were very dirty.... their room were very dirty... the clothes, the rubbish were everywhere... they didn't clean up the room.... the room smells awful too... after that, we all started to talk about our old days.... it was very fun..... the six of us were struggling searching for names and recalling their appearance..... we had to go back to standard 4 and 5 to get their names and appearance... haha.... i came to chung sin when i was in standard 4..... i don't have good memories.... so, not much that i can remember.... but others do have a good memory... haha.... liyana said she always saw her old friends, anywhere..... while she's eating, shopping or on the way home, ...... anywhere! she will saw someone that she knew.... well, tanjong malim is a small town... haha.... we just talk, talk and talk.... there's a lot to talk about... but when we met, we just don't know what to say.... just blank.... maybe because we didn't meet for such a long time.... it's been 6 yeas we didn't meet.... we all had a great time together today.... haha... hope can meet her again.... ^_^

10 December 2009


semalam, setelah terpandang akan semut-semut yang sedang sibuk berkeliaran di atas meja, ulang kaji saya terbantut kerana ketidakselesaan yang melanda.... saya pun segera mengalih barang-barang di atas meja dan membersihkan meja tersebut... selepas itu, saya pun terpandang akan meja televisyen yang berterabur... sekali lagi saya mengemas meja..... selepas itu, saya menyapu lantai... dari dapur ke bilik dan selepas itu ke kedai saya pula... aduh! banyaknya sampah.... sedah lama tak bersihkan... hmm... setelah selasai menyapu, saya pun mengeluarkan kayu mop dan mula mengemop.... satu keluarga saya terkejut melihat saya membersihkan rumah.... maklumlah, saya tidak pernah mengemas rumah tanpa DISURUH atau DIMARAH.... hehe.. ^_^ selepas itu, saya pun mencuci tandas..... hmmmm... HUH! penat giler~ first time kemas rumah macam tue.... tapi berbaloi la jugak.... satu rumah bersih.... pagi tadi, terdetik pulak kat hati saya ni nak basuh kereta.... kereta-kereta kat rumah tue... kotor sangat la.... tak de orang cuci... tapi, nya cakap dia sibuk, tak ada masa nak cuci kereta.... lepas apak dengar saya nak cuci kereta, dia pun keluar beli syampoo kereta... nak cuci kereta... kitorang pun cuci la... bersih kereta tue.... siap kene usik dengan jiran-jiran lagi... haha... janji saya seronok dan dapat release tension sekali... hehe^_^

29 November 2009

penat membeli-belah....

hmm... pada jam 1 petang tadi, saya menerima satu pesanan ringkas daripada maryam..... dia mengajak saya ke rawang.... dan, kedua-dua ibu bapa saya membenarkan saya mengikuti maryam, erdem dan ibu mereka ke rawang... setibanya disana, kami terus menuju ke ria, parkson.... dan kami telah membeli-belah di sana selama 2 jam... saya telah membeli sepasang kasut untuk menggantikan kasut saya yang agak uzur ini... selain itu, saya telah membeli sehelai seluar jeans.... bukan sahaja itu, saya telah membeli satu minyak wangi... saya juga telah berkongsi duit dengan maryam membeli bekas pensil untuk adik-adik saya... selepas penat membeli-belah, kami menjamah selera di sebuah kedai kopitian di tingkat bawah pusat membeli-belah..... selepas itu, kami pun pulang ke rumah.... sambung belajar untuk peperiksaan esok hari... hehe^_^

25 November 2009


i love floral because it gives me peace for my mind and soul....
i admire sunshine because it shows me to the world...
i like rainy because no one can see me crying in it...
i'm a friend of charming stuffs because it gives me reasons to smile...
i'm mad of fairy tales because it makes me imagine and think...
i want loving person so that i can love and deserved to be love
i feel the rocking muscles because i have a passion for it
i think i'm a butterfly as i like to go around and not to be in a place for too long...

not everyone can understand
that thing above....
only HSA's knows that
it really means....

those were written by butterfly queen which is my sister, karthi, for her beloved HSA's group members including vikhna, mageswari, salini, maariyaye, pavitra, jayashree and puraanee......


these were written by my sis few months ago.....

V - values me very well
I - irresistable charm
K - kind
H - harmless
N - never gives up
A - adventerous
P - practically speaking
R - red apples of my heart
I - immaginative
Y - young
A - adaptable

J - jovial
A - always with smile
Y - youthful
A - argumentative
S - sentimental
H - hardworking
R - respective
E - easily makes friend
E - enemy too

L - loving
I - immaginative
Y - young
A - attractive
N - nice to everyone
A - alone....not at all

P - patient
U - unstoppable mouth
R - respective
A - ambitious
A - adventurous
N - nice to everyone
E - enemy at times
E - everyone is her friend

those are some of it... i'll post the rest when i'm free.....
karthiapurani thiruganaselvan

21 November 2009

Apa itu.....CinTA....?

Ramai yang tahu tentang cinta. Ramai yang tahu menyebut perkataan cinta. Ramai yang tahu bagaimana ingin meluahkan kata-kata cinta. Tetapi adakah anda tahu apa itu cinta yang sebenarnya? Di sini saya ingin berkongsi dengan anda tentang apa itu cinta.

Sifat Cinta
Cinta itu suci, mahal dan tinggi tarafnya. Sifat cinta itu sempurna. Jika tidak, cinta akan cacat. Itulah cinta sebenar cinta.

Cinta Wujud Sejak Dilahirkan
Rasa cinta sedia wujud di dalam jiwa manusia sejak manusia itu lahir ke dunia. Cuma manusia akan melalui tahap-tahap kelahiran cinta bermula dari cinta kepada belaian ibu, membawa kepada cinta kepadakekasih dan akhirnya setelah puas mencari cinta suci, maka akan cinta kepada Tuhan Wujudnya cinta itu tidak dapat dilihat tapi dapat dirasa dan cinta sebenar cinta itu suci murni serta putih bersih.

Cinta Bersedia
Bila sampai masanya di setiap tahap-tahap cinta, maka Tuhan menjadikan manusia itu bersedia menerima cinta itu. Pada mulanya jiwa itu bersedia menerima cinta, lantas sedia pula untuk berkongsi rasa kewujudan dengan dikasihi. Sedia untuk mengikat setia serta saling memahami. Setia untuk dipertanggungjawapkan kerana cinta. Sedia untuk menyerah diri pada yang dicintai.

Cinta Itu Indah
Walaupun kewujudan cinta tidak bisa dilihat, tetapi cinta itu indah dan cantik. Cantiknya itu tulin dan tidak ia bertopeng. Bukan saja ia cantik malah suci murni, bercahaya gemerlap dan putih bersih.

Cinta Itu Mengharap Balasan
Cinta antara manusia itu berkehendak kepada jodoh atau pasangan, dari diri yang punya persamaan, dari diri yang asalnya satu. Bila dapat yang dicari, bermakna cinta itu menganggap telah bertemu yang paling sesuai dan secocok dengan jiwanya, untuk bersatu kembali. Kehendak itu timbal balik sifatnya kerana manusia dalam bercinta tidak hanya menerima tapi juga menerima.

Cinta Itu Menakluki
Sifat cinta itu ingin menguasai. Dia mahu yang dikasihinya itu hanya khusus untuk
dirinya. Dia tidak mahu ianya dikongsi dengan orang lain. Sifat ini menuntut hak untuk mencintai dan dicintai. Tapi, dalam pada ingin menakluki, ia juga ingin ditakluki sepenuhnya.

Cinta Itu Mengetahui
Pada asasnya sebenarnya cinta itu mengetahui. Orang yang bercinta tahu siapa yang patut
dicintainya. Cinta tidak perlu bertanya. Manusia boleh jatuh cinta tanpa membaca ilmiah atau novel tentang cinta. Mereka tahu apa yang perlu dilakukan. Tapi, cinta cuma tahu bercinta. Ia tidak tahu akan peraturan cinta jika tiada diberikan panduan.

Cinta Itu Hidup
Cinta adalah ibarat manusia, boleh berputik, lalu mekar serta boleh layu dan gugur. Cinta itu punya deria dan perasaan. Cinta mendengar cinta, berkata cinta, melihat
cinta. Cinta ada segala-galanya. Sayang, benci, cemburu, gembira, sedih, tenang, tertekan, ketawa dan menangis. Cinta itu hidup sampai satu ketika ia akan menemui mati.Tapi ramai orang berharap agar cinta itu kekal selagi dia masih hidup dan tetap hidup walaupun telah mati.

Cinta Itu Suci
Sebagaimana yang banyak dikatakan orang, cinta itu suci. Sucinya cinta bukan bermakna ia tidak mengharap balasan. Cinta mengharap balasan cinta. Sucinya cinta bermakna ia tidak bernoda dan tidak pula berdosa Itulah sifat asal cinta, ia suci bagaikan anak yang baru lahir. Mereka yang kenal erti cinta akan cuba mengekalkan cinta itu sesuci mungkin. Mengekalkan cinta suci bermakna menjauhkan ia dari godaan nafsu yang tidak ada batasan. Kerana nafsulah cinta suci jadi bernoda dan berdosa.

Cinta Itu Mempesona
Cinta itu bukan saja indah, tapi mempersonakan. Ia bukan kerana cinta itu nakal sifatnya tapi kerana ia suci dan bersih. Ia adalah sebagaimana anda melihat pada anak kecil yang comel dan
bersih. Dia senyum pada anda dan merapati anda. Anda terpesona kerana bukan saja ianya comel, tapi kerana dia adalah insan yang tidak berdosa. Kerana sifat cinta yang mempersona ini selalunya manusia itu berbuat silap bila bercinta.

Apa saja yang dilakukan oleh kekasihnya…mempersonakannya dan nampak cantik serta betul walaupun itu adalah satu dosa dan akan menodai cinta itu sendiri. Itulah juga yang menyebabkan orang yang bercinta itu walaupun seorang yang bijaksana, akan menjadi bodoh kerana pesona cinta. Akal itu mampu dikalahkan oleh nafsu. Nafsu itu tidak bisa dikalahkan melainkan jika anda sentiasa ingat kepada Tuhan Maha Pencipta.

Apakah itu Bukti Cinta?
Cinta perlukan bukti. Ramai orang percaya bahawa bukti cinta itu ialah mengorbankan atau menyerahkan apa saja yang kekasih anda mahu. Mereka percaya jika itu tidak berlaku, maka cinta itu tidak tinggi nilainya. Sebenarnya anggapan itu tidak tepat. Jika anda beri semua yang dia mahu,apakah yang tinggal pada anda? Benarkah dia cinta pada anda bila dia mahukan pengorbanan anda?

Cinta sejati tidak memusnahkan atau merosakkan diri kekasih yang dicintai. Malah ia menjaga agar kekasih tetap suci dan selamat sebagaimana sucinya cinta itu sendiri.

16 November 2009

majlis mohon restu....

hari ini, murid tingkatan 5 dikumpulkan untuk majlis minta restu daripada para guru yang mengajar di tingkatan 4 dan tingkatan 5..... majlis dimulakan dengan ucapan daripada pn zakiah sebagai wakil tuan pengetua dan diikuti oleh en ganesan sebagai wakil para guru tingkatan 4 dan tingkatan 5... selepas ucapan-ucapan tersebut, kami pun berpaling ke belakang dan memulakan majlis minta restu itu.... kami pun beratur satu persatu dan bersalaman dengan guru-guru.... ada guru yang mengangis... dan ada guru yang mencium pipi saya.... bukan sahaja ciuman daripada pn zarinah, tapi saya juga mendapat ciuman daripada pn suriathy dan pn maizon.... saya juga mendapat kata-kata semangat daripada guru-guru.... semua guru mengharapkan kejayaan daripada saya... saya berharap saya tidak akan menghampakan mereka.....insyaAllah....

14 November 2009


hmmm... saya buntu... buntu.... saya tidak tahu apa yang patut saya lakukan lagi.... mengapa semua ini terjadi sedangkan segala-galanya sudah pun selesai.... sudah SELESAI... saya tidak mengerti.... bukan senang untuk kembali seperti dahulu... bukan senang... awak perlulah faham keadaan kitorang.... saya tahu saya salah.... saya tahu saya salah... tapi... tolonglah... saya merayu.... bukan saya tak nak baik macam dulu lagi.... tapi tak senang... tak senang seperti yang awak cakap..... saya pun nak exam dah.... awak janganlah cakap benda-benda macam ni lagi.... saya merayu sangat... saya tak faham.... saya tak faham mengapa kami MESTI baik semula seperti dulu dalam waktu terdekat ni? kenapa? awak kata supaya spm kitorang fun.... fun? apa maksud fun pada awak? kata-kata awak dan pesanan ringkas yang awak hantar pada saya telah banyak mengguris hati saya.... kata-kata awak menundingkan jari kesalahan pada saya.... seperti saya sengaja tidak mahu berbaik dengan dia.... saya dah baik dengan dia... saya dah berbaik dengan dia.... saya dah selesaikan segala-galanya.... dia masih lagi rakan saya.... masih lagi rakan saya.... cubalah fahami apa yang saya rasa..... saya sedih tatkala bergaduh dan berpaling muka dengan dia.... tapi, sekarang saya dah berbaik dengannya... saya sudah memohon maaf daripadanya.... apa lagi yang tak betul??? apa lagi????? saya betul-betul tak faham la.... saya tak faham.... saya betul-betul tak faham.... awak boleh tak jangan campur hal kami bertiga? saya tahu awak baik dengannya... awak ambil berat tentang kami... tapi, tak semestinya awak perlu mengetahui segala-galanya.... saya tak rasa awak patut tahu tentang ini.... saya dah tak larat la... tak larat sangat-sangat..... tolonglah.... saya merayu sangat-sangat.... janganlah ungkit-ungkitkan hal ini lagi... saya dah tak larat... dan saya tahu saya yang bersalah.... maafkanlah saya... maafkan saya....

13 November 2009

pesanan ringkas......

sedang saya asyik menelaah buku sejarah saya, tiba-tiba telefon bimbit saya mendendangkan lagu kegemaran saya.... saya pun melayan lagu itu sebelum membaca pesanan ringkas yang baru sahaja sampai ke tangan saya... selepas lagu itu berhenti, saya pun buka pesanan ringkas yang dihantar oleh seseorang.... begini bunyinya: jika kamu memiliki seseorang, terimalah dia seadanya. jangan terlalu mengaguminya. anggaplah dia manusia biasa. apabila sekali dia melakukan kesalahan, bukan mudah bagi kamu memaafkannya. akhirnya kamu kecewa kerana meninggalkannya, dan jika kamu memaafkannya, boleh jadi hubungan kamu akan berterusan hingga keakhirnya... fikirkanlah yana... hmmmm....... saya tak pernah masuk campur apa-apa urusannya... mengapa dia sibuk-sibuk ingin ambil tahu dan masuk campur dalam hal saya?! suka hati sayalah kalau saya nak gaduh ke, nak baik ke, tak nak baik ke, nak macam mana pun... mengapa dia perlu masukkan dirinya dalam permasalahan kami? siapa dia? apa hak dia untuk masuk campur dalam hal kami?! saya tak pernah cari masalah dengan awak la!!! kenapa awak nak masuk ke dalam lembah permasalahan kami jugak? pernah terlintas di fikiran awak yang saya akan naik angin?! masalahnya sekarang, saya dah bagitau awak yang masalah kitorang dah selesai dan mengapa awak sibuk-sibuk nak tahu jugak??!!!!! saya tak faham!!! penting sangat ke masalah kitorang ni kat awak? sampai awak nak jugak masuk campur, jaga tepi kain orang lain??? sudahlah.... janganlah awak ungkit-ungkitkan lagi masalah kitorang ni... saya dah maafkan die pun.... awak jangan risau... saya dan pun berbaik dengan die.... awak jangan risau.... saya tetap berkawan dengan die.... macam dulu..... jangan risau.... OK?!

11 November 2009

soalan yang menusuk perasaan.....

hari ini bukanlah hari yang sempurna bagi saya..... sesi teknik menjawab yang entah apa-apa, kesakitan yang terpaksa ditanggung seorang diri, ketidakmengertian tentang apa yang telah berlaku, pelajaran dan sebagainya..... sewaktu kesemua beban dan perkaran yang rumit ini melanda diri saya yang tidak seberapa ini, datang pula satu soalan yang menggamit perasaan saya... soalan yang membawa saya pulang ke nostalgia lama saya... saya sedang mencari-cari seseorang kerana dia telah menghilangkan diri ke suatu tempat.... saya sedang risau akannya... tiba-tiba, seseorang telah memanggil saya dan menanyakan soalan yang telah saya tutup dan simpannya di dalam hati saya... dia menanyakan, 'bagaimana awak, maryam dan dia?' 'apakah masalah yang dihadapi kamu bertiga?' saya terkejut dan lidah saya kelu... tatkala itu, dengan segala beban dan perasaan yang rumit di hati, ingin sahaja saya menangis sepuan-puasnya, kerana, saya tidak pernah menangisi tentang apa yang telah terjadi antara kami bertiga.... telah lama benar saya menanggung beban itu di dalam hati saya.... saya hanya membekukan diri... dia bertanya lagi, 'apa yang terjadi?' 'apa kata awak cerita kat saya?' 'mungkin saya boleh tolong...' sayang masih kaku... kaku seperti patung yang tidak bernyawa..... sayang hanya memandangnya dengan mata yang sayu dan perlahan-lahan menggelengkan kepala saya..... dia bersambung 'ok la, kalau awak tak nak cerita, tak pe... saya cuma nak bagi nasihat dan saya harap awak tak terasa atau marah...' saya mengangguk. dia pun berkata, 'saya rasa kalau awak berdua berbak semula dengan dia, kembali seperti dulu, kamcheng gila-gila punye, mesti SPM korang tahun ini fun....' kali ini, saya memprotes.... ' apa? awak ingat senang ke nak balik macam dulu?!' dia pun diam.... dan selepas itu saya bersambung... 'kitorang dah penat la.... semuanya dah selesai.... kalau boleh kitorang pun nak balik macam dulu....tapi, susahla....' hmmm.... saya sudah tidak tentu arah dan tidak mengerti apa yang patut saya lakukan lagi.... saya berharap kisah ini akan lesap buat selama-lamanya... saya juga berharap kita semua dapat bersama seperti dahulu kala... sekarang, SPM penting dan semakin dekat.... jadi, saya berharap segala persoalan dapat ditangguhkan dahulu dan fokuslah dengan apa yang bakal melanda kelak..... InsyaAllah saya akan fikir-fikirkan jalannya seepas peperiksaan nanti....

teknik menjawab yang........................

hari ini, guru kaunseling telah meyediakan ceramahteknik menjawab soalan kimia untuk murid-murid kelas 5 sains 1, 2 dan 3. kami semua menerima berita ini sewaktu perhimpunan. setelah perhimpunan, kami pun berpusu-pusu pulang ke kelas masing-masing.... tiada siapa pun yang teringat akan ceramah teknik menjawab tersebut yang bakal diadakan pada pukul 8 pagi.... jadi, kami semua pun belajar dan beromong kosong sementara menunggu ketibaan guru.... tiba-tiba, satu suara seperti kilat telah mengejutkan semua orang.... suara itu kepunyaan cikgu zalina... dia memarahi kami dan mengarah kami semua untuk beredar ke dewan dengan segera kerana penceramah telah tiba dan sesi ceramah akan dimulakan tidak lama kemudian.... setelah kami tiba di dewan, alangkah terkejutnya kami kerana dewan belum disusun lagi.... kami pun segera mengemas dan menyusun tempat duduk.... ceramah pun bermula... penceramah merupakan guru kimia daripada SMK Slim..... kami sangkakan sesi ceramah kali ini tidak berubah seperti yang sesi-sesi yang diadakan sebelum ini....tetapi alangkah terkejutnya apabila cikgu tersebut membuka bicara... bahasanya, cara percakapannya, intonasinya, seperti seorang yang, errrr..... berlagak..... apa yang keluar daripada mulut saya adalah 'menyampahnya dengan cikgu ni....' ceramahnya panjang berjelar dan saya tidak menafikan bahawa dia sememangnya seorang yang hebat tetapi, caranya tidak menyenangkan semua orang.... dia terlalu bangga dengan diri sendiri, terlalu berterus-terang, dan menyebabkan kami merasakan diri kami ini tidak berguna.... sesinya berjalan selama 3 jam... aduh! sakit pinggangku tatkala sesi itu telah berjalan selama 2 setengah jam..... saya terpaksa menahan kesakitan.... hmmmm.... nasib baik saya mendapat ilmu yang sepatutnya saya dapat.. jikalau tidak, saya mungkin sudah menyesal kerana hadir ke ceramah yang sebegitu rupa....

07 November 2009

tidak ku sangka.....

saya sangkakan hari ini merupakan hari yang indah baginya... namun, panggilan telefonnya telah mematahkan anggapan saya.... penat saya menanyakan sebab yang menyebabkannya sebegitu rupa, namun dia enggan bersuara..... malam tadi merupakan sambutan hari jadinya.... sambutan itu dianjurkan oleh rakan-rakannya.... pada mulanya, mereka telah berjanji untuk berkumpul pada jam 7.30 petang di sebuah restoran yang mereka biasa kumpul.... tetapi, alangkah terkejutnya saya apabila dia memberitahu saya bahawa rakan-rakannya membiarkannya menunggu seorang diri selama sejam.... selepas itu, mereka hanya berlagak seperti biasa, seperti tiada apa yang berlaku.... hmm... selepas itu, dia memberitahu saya bahawa rakannya menyediakan sebiji kek untuknya... hmm.. saya terkejut mendengarnya dan sedikit rasa gembiri meniti di hati saya.... tetapi, kegembiraan saya lesap pabila dia memberitahu bahawa rakannya menyediakan sebiji kek berperisa yam untuknya... saya tahu dia tidak menyukai yam... kini, terbentang luas di mata bahawa rakannya tidaklah seikhlas yang saya sangkakan..... bukan itu sahaja, mereka telah menyediakan sebatang lilin, hanya sebatang... tetapi, mancis pun mereka tidak ada untuk menyalakan lilin yang sebatang itu.... hmmm.. saya rasa, mereka semua tidak ada hak untuk digelar sebagai seorang RAKAN... mereka tidak pernah memikirkan tentang perasaan orang lain... mereka tidak pernah memikirkan tentang rakan mereka.... mereka hanya mementingkan diri mereka sendiri.... mereka hanya tahu mempergunakan orang lain sahaja... mereka hanya tahu meggunakan kelembutan hati dan kebaikan seseorang itu... mereka tidak pernah berasa bersalah.... mereka akan melakukan apa sahaja untuk mendapatkan apa yang mereka mahukan... saya sungguh kecewa dengan sikap mereka... saya tidak pernah menyangka bahawa orang sebegitu rupa wujud di dunia ini.... tidak kusangka......

03 November 2009

hati yang memberontak

belakangan ini, saya banyak mendengar nasihat-nasihat dan kata-kata semangat daripada sguru-guru dan rakan-rakan di sekolah kerana peperiksaan SPM bakal menjelang... salah-satunya adalah bermaaf-maafan.... meminta ampun daripada ibu bapa yang pertama sekali, kemudian guru dan kemudian rakan.... hmm... menyentuh mengenai rakan, saya sudah rebah... rebah dengan pernyataan para guru dan rakan saya....hati bergolak dan memberontak tatkala mendengar pernyataan tersebut.... saya tidak tahu mengapa saya masih begitu sukar untuk menerimanya.... adakah kerana saya takut? takut disakiti lagi? atau kerana saya kecewa? kecewa dengan apa yang telah dilakukannya? segala pertanyaan ini berlari-lari di kepala saya sewaktu saya mendengar pernyataan yang dilontarkan oleh guru-guru dan rakan-rakan terdekat saya.... penat saya menjelaskan kepada mereka... sudah penat... memanglah bagi mereka, kesalahan yang dia lakukan itu tidaklah sebesar mana, tetapi bagi saya, ia bukanlah semudah yang dilihat.... ia rumit, amat rumit... dia merupakan salah seorang daripa rakan baik saya.... tidak disangka-sangka dia akan melakukan perkara sebegitu... saya tahu, saya tahu dia sudah insaf dengan kesilapannya.... tetapi, ketabahan dan gelak tawanya bersama orang lain membuat saya takut.... saya tidak pasti bahawa dia berasa bersalah atau tidak... dari mata kasar saya, dia tidak nampak sebagaimana yang saya mahu.... dia tidak nampak sedih.... hati saya tidak mahu menerima kebenaran yang dia sudah insaf... mengapa? saya tidak mengerti.... mengapa warkah terakhir? adakah itu sememangnya salam terakhir daripadanya untuk saya? saya tidak mengerti sama sekali! walaupun kami duduk bersebelahan, kami tidak bercakap... kami hanya bercakap dengan rakan-rakan yang lain.... mengapa semuanya berubah? hubungan yang saya agung-agungkan selama ini telah beubah seperti puting beliung yang melanda... dalam sekelip mata sahaja... habis segala yang ada di muka bumi ini tunggang terbalik.... saya merindui masa-masa dahulu, tatkala kami bergembira, berduka bersama-sama..... terus terang saya nyatakan di sini, saya telah lama memaafkannya... tetapi tatkala saya menatap wajahnya, saya merasakan sesuatu yang aneh... hati saya tidak dapat menerimanya.... mengapa? hati saya pernah menjerit bahawa dia tidak pernah ada inisiatif untuk memperbetulkan semuanya.... dia tidak mahu berbaik semula.... itu yang membuat hati saya lebih keras..... saya tahu bahawa dia mengerti akan perangai saya.... saya lambat marah dan cepat reda marahnya.... tetapi apabila kecewa, hati saya begitu sukar dirawat.... saya telah menafikan segala-gala yang dikatakan oleh rakan-rakan saya... sebarang kemungkinan yang memihak kepadanya... acap kali rakan-rakan menyatakan soal ini, berang saya naik.... saya membantah dengan hati yang sekeras batu.... saya tidak mahu mengalah... saya tidak mahu.... sehingga saya menyatakan kepada rakan-rakan saya yang lain bahawa biarlah perhubungan sebegini kekal hingga bila-bila... hingga ke akhir hayat saya pun.... namun, kadang kala, saya sedih.... saya sedih kerana kehilangannya..... saya degil... saya tahu saya degil... tetapi... itulah sifat sebenar saya.... saya tidak boleh mengubah apa-apa.... apa yang tertulis di sini adalah kata-kata hati saya.... telah lama saya perukkannya di dala hati saya yang kecil ini... saya tidak sanggup lagi menyimpannya.... saya perlu melepaskannya..... saya ingin maminta maaf kerana kekerasan hati saya dan kedegilan saya... saya tidak sepatutnya berbuat begitu, saya tahu... maafkan saya sekali lagi... terlalu banyak untuk saya katakan, tetapi, saya tidak tahu bagaimana untuk meneruskannya lagi.... mungkin lain hari... pabila terlintas di hati saya untuk melepaskannya, insyaAllah saya lepaskannya.... walaupun saya tidak bertegur dan bercakap dengan awak, saya harap awak tahu yang saya masih sayangkan awak..... saya sayang awak....

26 October 2009

berita yang mengejutkan......

pada pagi ini, suasana riuh rendah kelas kami dipatahkan oleh satu berita yang menggemparkan.... rakan sekelas kami berada di wad ICU!! semua insan di dalam kelas 5 Sains 1 tidak mengerti apa yang berlaku.... selepas itu, kami didatangi En. Ganesan dan diberitahu bahawa rakan kami itu berada dalam keadaan kritikal.... kami tidak mempercayainya sama sekali.... cikgu-cikgu enggan memberitahu puncanya.... tetapi... kami mampu berfikir... mampu mengagak.... ini bukan perkara yang biasa.... ini sesuatu yang serius.... cikgu-cikgu memberi nasihat kepada kami semua supaya tidak memendam segala tekanan di dalam hati sendiri.... mereka juga berpesan supaya tidak membuat keputusan secara terburu-buru.... kami curiga..... adakah dia membunuh diri??? tetapi... kami tidak pasti... kami tidak melihat dengan mata kepala kami sendiri.... setelah tamat kelas tambahan, saya pun bergegas ke hospital bersama-sama dengan ibu saya... kami berjumpa dengan ibunya... ibunya kelihatan lain.... berbeza dengan sebelumnya.... dia sudah berubah... mungkin kerana dia tidak dapat menerima perkara yang berlaku.... ibunya berkata kepada kami bahawa anaknya sudah sembuh, esok dia akan sembuh..... tidak lama kemudian, kami pun masuk menjenguknya.... keadaannya sangat kritikal..... dia tidak henti-henti menggigil.... tangan dan kakinya diikat.... mungkin kerana dia meronta kesakitan.... kedua belah tangan dan kakinya sejuk.. dan kaku.... denyutan nadinya perlahan.... denyutan jantungnya pula lemah.... sangat lemah.... kondisinya tidaklah seperti yang dikatakan oleh ibunya...... dalam perjalanan pulang, saya mendapat khabar dari ibu saya bahawa doktor mengatakan bahawa dia sudah 90 peratus tiada..... saya tidak begitu terkejut.... saya sudah menjangkakannya.... memang saya sudah menjangkakannya.... ini mengikut firasat dan pengalaman saya.... hmmm... sekarang saya hanya boleh mendoakan yang terbaik untuknya..... amin~ saya juga berharap agar rakan-rakan saya yang lain tidak akan menjejaki langkahnya... kerana, akhirnya, yang merana adalah diri sendiri dan juga keluarga tercinta.... sayangilah diri anda sendiri.... janganlah sesekali membuat keputusan secara terburu-buru.....

12 October 2009

semakin ....PUDAR......

sayang..seribu kali sayang..dulu yg bahgie,kini retak..ape tlah b'laku..dulu sayang,kini musuh ke..?..ujian dr Nya memang lah aku kekuatan untk menghadpi nya..dulu gelak ketawa sama-sama..kini..ermmm enta la...susah nak diperkata..mane hilang nya nilai persahabatan..sedih mengenangkannya..hanya Yang Esa mengetahuinya..tangisan tidak terkira..kami cuma perbetulkan ape yang salah..kami hanya menegur..bukan berniat lain..kami menyatakan yg benar.yg hakiki...salah ke...sya taw setiap insan di muka bumi ini tidak lari dari kesilapan di dunia..tapi...kita bestfrends...bukan sekadar frends...kita byk smpan rahsia antra satu sama lain...tapi tak kan smpai peribadi pun ingin dilontarkan kpd org lain..ape semua nie..kalau rahsia,rahsia la smpai bile-bile..sedih tambah kecewa...tak taw nak olah..hanya Yang Bijaksana mengetahui perasaan di hati ini..knpe sgup buat sedemikian...kami bukan tidak sayang hubungan ini..tapi ape yg kami nampak..hanya kami memperkukuh kan persahabatan ini..huh..kami taw kami juga manusia kudus...tapi salah ke kami menegur..ia merupkn satu kesalahan jugak.?...pusing pening bila difikirkan kembali..dari caramu,kami salah ke tindakan yg kami buat...kepadanya...kami taw awk awk ada fikirkan kesedihan dan kekecewaan yg kami tggung...taw betapa perit nye owg yg dulu gelak ktwe dgn kitorg,senyap membisu..walaupun duduk berdekatan.sebeleh menyebelah..walaupun berselisih...tak bertegur sapa...ini ke yang awk nak...bukan kami tak nak maafkan..tpi perit yg kami tggung cuma kami yang taw...bukan mudah awk..bila hati da parah,susah nak ubat..kalau ade ubat,berikan lah..sebb tu dgn satu kemaafan kami rase berat utk menerima...kami taw dari cra awk..nmpak ketidakpuas hati awk...jelas terbntng untk ape..awk nak trus tidak puas hati smpai ble..smpai putus hubungan ini?...kalau kami ade terkasar bahasa,tertinggi suara n so on..hope bleh maafkan...salam..moga persahabatan kite terus terjalin..doaku utk kita smue..

Kesedihan yang melanda~

belakangan ini, terlalu banyak perkara yang berlaku pada diri ini.... perkara-perkara ini bukan sahaja melibatkan saya seorang, namun perkara ini melibatkan individu yang lain..... bukan mudah untuk menerima semua perkara yang berlaku ini... walaupun hatiku perit menjerit dan menafikannya, tetapi otakku masih tidak membenarkan hatiku memenangi dan mengawal keadaan.... perit untukku menghadapi segalanya yang berlaku.... dalam masa tidak kurang daripada 1 minggu, kebencian dan kemarahan yang tidak ku sangka-sangkakan telah menutupi pintu hatiku untuk menerima segala alasan dan rayuan maaf.... aku tidak memahami perkara yang berlaku... semuanya berlaku secara tiba-tiba... adakah ini ujian daripada-Nya? ya, saya yakin ini merupakan salah satu ujian daripada-Nya.... sesungguhnya, semua manusia berhak diberi kemaafan.... aku tidak pernah menafikan hal itu.... namun sekarang, sukar untuk aku memaafkan orang yang telah mengecewakan aku... mengapa? mengapakah ini terjadi? sedangkan, sebelum ini, aku senang bersamanya, aku gembira bersamanya, aku sedih juga bersamanya..... dia merupakan seorang rakan dan teman yang setia dan baik dalam semua aspek..... tetapi kini, semua pandangan baik ku terhadapnya lesap begitu sahaja.... adakah apa yang diperkatan oleh kawan-kawan saya yang lain itu benar? aku tidak mahu mempercayainya... namun kini, aku terpaksa menerima segala-galanya kerana bukti telah terbentang luas di depan mataku.... namun, aku menahan segala sebak di dada..... pada suatu hari, aku dan rakan ku telah memberanikan diri untuk menjelaskan segala-segalanya.... itu merupakan kali pertama dalam hidup aku, aku menjelaskan segala-galanya melalui perkataan.... namun, ia tidak berjalan dengan lancar.... memandangkan aku dan rakanku itu pertama kali melakukan penjelasan sebegitu rupa, perbualan kami dipenuhi dengan ge;lak tawa kerana ketidakselesaan kami berdua... namun, perkara ini tidak disenangi oleh individu tersebut.... kami menyusun sepuluh jari memohon maaf di sini, kerana itu merupakan perkara yang baharu dan asing bagi kami berdua..... segala perkara yang tidak disenangi kami, kami jelaskan kepadanya.... namun, masa tidak mengizinkan, jadi, ada perkara yang tertinggal... tidak mengapa.... kami bersetuju untuk meneruskan penjelasan kami pada waktu selepasnya... namun, kami terkejut dengan apa yang berlaku..... dia menangis! hmmm..... aku mengesyaki sesuatu..... mungkin angkara kami yang telah menyebabkan dia menangis..... tetapi mengapa dia tidak mengaku sewaktu aku menyoalnya.... hmm.... mungkin dia ingin memendam segala-galanya untuk dirinya sendiri..... segalanya tidak berakhir begitu sahaja.... pabila petang melanda, peprangan hati bermula sekali lagi... kali ini, hati aku semakin parah.... parah dengan kata-katanya.... bukan sahaja aku, rakanku juga turut sakit..... hmm.... adakah kami berdua yang salah? adakah kami yang salah? kami berdua termenung pada malam itu.... hati kami tidak henti-henti bergolak..... air mata aku turun secara tidak disangka sewaktu aku memeluk bantalku..... aku menangisi persahabatan aku yang entah ke mana sekarang..... aku sedih.... sedih dengan apa yang berlaku..... namun, aku tetap gagah bangun dan berlakon seperti tidak ada apa-apa yang berlaku.... aku tetap senyum dan gembira meneruskan hidup aku walaupun hati aku masih terluka.... mungkin aku memerlukan masa untuk pulih.... mungkin.... tetapi, hati yang telah kecewa adalah sama seperti kaca yang telah pecah yang sukar untuk disambung kembali..... ia memerlukan masa yang banyak.... aku akan cuba... cuba untuk melepaskan segala-galanya... sekarang.... berilah aku masa.... jikalau hatiku terbuka, kita akan kekal seperti dahulu kala, jikalai tidak, maafkanlah aku.....

02 October 2009


Tears of joy welled up in my eyes as I looked at the book on my hand. the sound of the reporters in the Great Hall of Sunway Hotel awaked me from my long and sweet dream. the reporters there were anxious to know the reason I produced a book which I named it as Memories. Yes, it is a book which are full with memories. memories of four best friends.

Now, I am ready to answer the reporter's questions. i looked at them with my sparkling eyes and told them a story behind it which lead me to write this book.

Once, there were four girls who came from different background of family. Skyla, she was a beautiful girl who always smiled and thought of guys. For her, guys are the place she sake for a natural feeling that everyone would experience it, at least once, which is love. Sasha, she was a girl full with smile. she was a very cute girl and everuone liked her and she was very famous among the guys. next, Kate. Hmm... Kate, she was a girl full with imagination, full with words. she liked to read and write. she also liked to adapt and adopt. Now, it's Veralynn's turn. Veralynn was the cleverest girl in every school that she went to. her world will always be the books and also medic. she wanted to be a successful doctor.

These four girls with different personalities met at the same university, which are University of Cambridge in London. they were placed in the same quarters. after some time, they turned up to be best friends and they were always together no matter where they were. in class, at the corridor, in the room, in the library but not in the bathroom of course! They treated each other like real sisters. One day, Kate decided to write a story about themselves, about their friendship, the memories of the four of them. Everyone agree with Kate's idea. So, Kate started to write the story and hoped that one day this story will be compiled as a book one day. The book's title were not set yet. The story that she wrote was based on what had happened to them and each of them on their daily lives.

One fine evening, when Kate was out with Veralynn, Sasha got a call from Veralynn. Veralynn sound so bad. Her sound seemed like she was terrified and sad. Sasha tried her best to calm her best friend. Then, Sasha got to know that Kate was caught in an accident when she was about to cross the road at the shopping mall. Kate was now at the Cambridge Hospital. Sasha and Skyla rushed to the hospital but they were too late. Kate was gone, gone forever and ever. Sasha was shocked and she kneeled down with her thrembling tears on her face. Kate was Sasha's closest friend after all and she called and took Kate as her own sister.

The funeral was held on the day itself. Kate was not lucky, she did not have any relatives, she was an orphan. After the loss, Sasha, Skyla and Veralynn had to continue their life without their best friend.

One winter evening, while Sasha was cleaning the bed left by Kate, she found a box with a key on it under the big pillow. she was curious and she opened it using the key that were placed on the box. she found a package in it. She opened the package and saw stack of papers with writing on it. she read, and she realized that the stack of papers were the story that Kate wrote. the story about the friendship of four girls. Tears running out from Sasha's eyes, and her tears stopped as soon as she saw a picture of the four of them during the last christmas. suddenly, Sasha's tears fells once again when her memory brought her back to the celebration for christmas last year.

Sasha immediately put the things into the box as it was and closed it tight. she put it back under the big pillow. she told what she found that day to Veralynn and Skyla. their tears rolling down from their eyes. they wanted to burn it so that Kate would get back her things there but Sasha insisted not to let them burn it. she made a decision to continue the story that her sister, Kate had started and fulfilled her sister's wish.

Sasha knew that she was not good in writing. so, she studied hard, attended language classes and also extra classes just to make sure that her sister's wish would come true. after years of studying, she finally became the top student of English Language and she was the President of the Writing Society in the same university, which was University of Cambridge, London.

Now, Sasha was working hard to finish the book that her sister had started. every day, every month and every year, the stack of papers became thicker and thicker until one day, one last paper was placed onto the stack of papers and it was the end of the story. the end of the tears. although kate was no longer accompanying Sasha and the other two of them, Skyla and Verlynn, but the three of them were always with her, their heart were always with her.

"So, it means that Sasha is you Miss Christine?"
a question asked by the reporter waked me up from my long memory. i nodded with a smile and they understood. that time, i prayed to god and hoped that this book which was full with sweet and bitter memories would always be the people's companion so that my sister would be alive in each of the reader's heart and soul.

this is the story that i wrote for my trial exam....
it's not as interesting or as good as other's people essay....
but, this is definately a story that i wrote myself....

below were the comments gave by pn Sharifah:
ideas are great, but careful with TENSES and COMMON SPELLING.

hmmm... i always made a big mistakes on my tenses and spelling.... maybe what teacher said was correct after all... this happened because i was under exam pressure and stress... so... next time i need to be more careful lo.... hope i will get better result on my SPM...

28 September 2009

1 day trip to Genting Highland~

on saturday night, my mum recieved a call from my uncle.... he just came back from macau.... he's at genting now with my nieces and my grandma.... hmm... my grandma said she missed my mum very much... so, my mum decided to go to genting and visit her... on sunday morning, we all waited for my dad customer to take her order.... while waiting, i helped my mum with her work... filling up her students marks... my mum suggested to bring maryam along with us... just for fun.... then my mum went out with my dad and my brother to fetch maryam... then we all waited for that customer... from 8 morning to 9 morning.... 9 to 10... 10 to 11... and then 11 to 12..... we waited for so long but she didn't show up.... hmmm... made all of us frust.... then we all started our journey to genting... on the way to genting highland, me, maryam and my two brothers play and sing together to cheer up ourselves.... my brother keep on disturbing maryam... oh well... his girlfriend.... usual thing.... i see it everyday.... used to it already... then we reached genting highland.... we searched for parking.... it spent us half an hour to get a place to park our car.... then we went up to the first world hotel lobby to meet my uncle, my nieces and my grandma.... i saw the wheather signboard.... it is 19 degree celcius... hmm.... quite cold de... hmm... then my uncle bought us to eat lunch... i had claypot rice.... quite nice de.... then we all went up to my uncle's room.... hmm... 25th floor.... very high o... from the room, i can see everything at the bottom..... all the road and the buildings below.... the scenery also quite nice.... then i had some rest.... after some time, we all went out to walk.... we all walk from one shop to another shop... then finally my mum bought a toy set of ben10 for my brother as his birthday present.... then we all went to have our dinner.... i had dry wantan mee.... then we all start our journey back to tanjong malim..... we reached tm around 10.... then i watched smallville for a while and then went to sleep.... hmmm... i'm quite happy cuz i met my grandma and my relatives.... it's quite some time i din meet them.... hope i can meet them as soon as possible... :-)

23 September 2009

Second day of Raya~

early in the morning, daddy said want go to grandpa's kampong again.... this time want go to my grandpa's others sibling's house... hmm... i refuse to follow.... because if i follow then i'll be very tired.... i can't keep on travelling.... lots of energy will loss... hehe... so, i stayed home with my 2 brothers and my cousin brothers..... at first, we all just stay at home... watching movie.... but, suddenly, someone came into the house.... she straight away sit at the eating table and ate the kuih.... she's talking.... talking really fast.... i'm scared... we all don't even know her... luckily my cousin brother was calm enough... he talked to that person and then gave her duit raya... then, the girl went away.... all of us are shocked with the girl's behavior... but, after that, my grandma's neighbour's child and grangchild came to our house.... so... we serve them food and had a long talk with them.. then, my cousin brother's father came with my cousin sisters... they had their lunch at grandpa's house... then, me and my little brother went out with them.... we went to Jusco again... this is the second time i went to jusco le... then, my little brother and my little cousin brother went to play games.... after that, they all went to play bowling.... hmm... had some fun also although i had headache there because of the noise.... they all are sooo happening.. hehe.... then we all went back home.... watched movie also that night... until 1 o'clock in the morning... hehe

First day of Raya~

on the first day of raya, like usual, all of us gather at grandpa's house to raya.... first, they all went to sembahyang raya.... around 8.45 to 9.30.... then we all wait for other relatives to come.... wait until my grandpa cannot tahan le o.... luskily he din mengamuk o... if not, then not fun le lo... after that kita pun amik duit raya la.... have to line up o... from the old one to the youngest one... hmm... i'm the fourth one o.... then, we went to my aunt house... she can't join us at grandpa's house because she's busy cooking... so... we attack her house lo.... she cooked tomyam and chocolate cake... the chocolate cake very delicious o.... i ate a lot... Mmmm~ hmm.. then we took family photo.... got all kind of pose o..... from small family to the whole big family..... then, all the grandchildren.... now only i realize that the boys are more than the girls.... hmm.... not fair! but, no matter what, we had a lot of fun there.... after that, we went to kampung temiang.... to my Tok Chu's house... but, at there my Tok Ngah called and asked us to go there at once... so... we went to his house.... at there, we met Tok Chik... such a big family there.... we all chat and eat happily.... after that we all went to my grandpa's kampong... at Bota, to meet his sister and i called her Tok Chu also... but more accurate is, Tok Chu Bota.... then, we had lots of delecious food there... Tok Chu made her own kuih, lemang and laksa... very delecious.... she din buy a single food from the shop.... she made herself with her youngest daughter... had a fun time there... then, we went back home cuz my grandpa tired already.... as soon as i reached home, i had my nap.... then, around 7 o'clock i woke up.... took my bath and then get ready to go to Jaya Jusco for movie..... we took the 9.30pm ticket.... then, we went to buy my little brother's control car.... after that, we watched movie entitled, Jin Notti..... but, the jin named Notti are not naughty like other jin... so, she was sentence to lived in bumi for the rest of her life.... the movie not bad la.... still ok... after the movie around 11, we went to mamak stall... had our supper there and reached home around 12.30 morning o.... hmmm... what a busy raya..... but, had lotz of fun... best raya of all.... ^^

17 September 2009

The end of Trial Exam~

today is the last peper for my SPM Trial exam... and today is chinese paper... i'm not sure whether i did it well or not... however, i'm still happy because today is the end of my trial exam.... so happy lo.... finally, exam is over.... after exam for 5 weeks(gerak gempur 2 weeks, n trial 3 weeks), i finally can get some rest from keep on starring at my books.... i can happily spend one week for my hari raya... this year as usual i'm going back to ipoh, my grandparents house to celebrate hari raya... hmm... maybe tomorrow or saturday we'll go back ipoh.... now, every radio stetion busy putting the hari raya song... this year is my happiest hari raya... i'm not sure why... maybe because i've been go through such a hard and tension time for a long time with my books and exams..... i miss my grandparents... especially my grandma... so long din see her already... sure she miss me a lot too... i heard daddy said grandpa not so well... and last time grandma keep on asking me when i'm going back to see her.... i looked at her eyes that time.... her eyes are watery.... trying to control her tears i guess... that made me so sad.... hope this hari raya i do have more time to spend with her.... hmm.... btw, i'm busy with my exam and we all din go for hari raya shopping yet.... hmmm... maybe tomorrow will go to kl to shop or maybe we'll just shop at ipoh..... hmm.... pity my family members..... din have any chance to shopping because of me.... hmmm..... anyway, i just want to wish evey muslims in this world Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin..... hehe... for the non muslim, have a nice and happy holiday lo..... hehe^^

11 September 2009

release TENSION~

it has been some time i din update my blog.... i'm quite busy during this time.... busy revising and studying for my SPM Trial..... hmm.... but..... i dropped by to release my tension.... i think my friends are also tension like me ba... the trial result are very important leh... hmm... btw, these few days i'm watching a taiwanese drama through Youtube... quite interesting de la... it's about friendship, love and also kungfu.... haha.... and hor.... quite funny de leh... hehe.. and i like the drama's song especially Gou Ai and Lei Le.... hehe... juz hope exam will over soon... i need some break from exam environment... back to the live before and relax for a while... hmm... straight away exam for about one month.... hmmm.. quite tiring leh.... trial spm~one week to go... next week is Physics, Chemistry and Chinese paper... hope can do well in those three paper.... hmm~

18 August 2009

Goodbye My Dear Teacher~~

today, is a sad day... i got to know that one of my teacher, Pn Asmah, pass away early this morning... around 4 o'clock.... al-fatihah for Pn Asmah...

10 August 2009

It's over~

today, early morning, she came to me... i wish her good morning and she replied my wish... that time i was busy talking to chai.... she just stood there.... starring at me... then, when i realized it, i turned to look at her.... she looked at me... then she told me 'i miss you... i miss you a lot...' then she hugged me and cried on my shoulder... she can't stop saying sorry.... and she said she'll only stop crying if i forgive her.... i forgive her... she's my best friend... i can't loss my best friend.... i love her very much... it's not easy to accept her in this short time... but i'll try my best to fix our friendship so that this friendship will last forever....

08 August 2009

Tears... finally~

these few days, i'm quite depressed with what had happened.... i got a problem with one of my best friend.... i realized that both of us din talk much and always far apart... she always with her new group... and leave me alone.... i'm lonely.... and i'm very sad..... she said to someone else that she wants us to become like before.... but...why can't i feel it when i'm beside her? why can't i feel it when i'm talking to her? why can't i feel it when i'm looking into her eyes? she doesn't seem sad.... she's happy with her friends... she din even asked me why i changed place and sit with someone else.... nowadays, whenever she got problem or any good news, she seldom tell me... if she got tell me, then i'll be the last one to get to know about it... last time, i'll be the scond person to know anything that happened to her no matter good or bad, even dreams, either good dream or bad dream... but now..... no more... no more.....i don't want to lose my friend... i don't want.... it really hurts me a lot... i keep it for such a long time already... i can't bare it anymore...yesterday, my tears dropped~finally.... it helped me a lot..... i feel better after crying although it takes hours... now, i just hope that she is happy and study well for her upcoming SPM.....

07 August 2009

Why does it hurt So much?

why do i care so much?
why do i still try?
why does it hurt so much when there was never anything there?
why does it makes me cry?
why you but not someone else?
will you ever care?
will you be able to dry my tears?
will you ever get over yourself and open up your eyes?
will you?
i ask myself those question everyday but cannot find any answers.
maybe now you might realize what i go through everyday and how much it hurt!
but you will never change....

You Have Changed?

i searched in vain,
cannot find the root.
where it is that this
transformation has come from?

why has it come about, why does it feed on?
tell me what it is that torment?
what pain gestates in your very soul,
for you to flash out.

once we were close, like two sides of coins.
so close where words had no ground.
today i am lucky that you called me friend.
the cold reaching my very bones.

the silence speaks volumes
of a departing union,
but gives me no reason to relief.
a slab of ice between us that needs shattering!

surely a word or two to
each other would help,
help us both overcome whatever
there needs to be addressed.

i surely wish that you would
at least redress the issues,
for which i am truly at a loss;
wanting only reparation for a friendship now sadly lost.

05 August 2009

Love Story of the Month~

~The Sweet Love~

There’s been someone that I cared and loved so much. For once in my life I’ve felt the warmth and happiness that I never felt before; that there is magic in every laughter, every touched and every moment was worthwhile. Have you ever thought, how sweeter could love be?

Everything began, when I was at th
e third year of my high school. It all started in one afternoon; everything in my life began to change. I was just sitting in the bench waiting for my driver to pick me up when suddenly I bumped some of my classmates and asked me to go along with them. Without hesitation, I stood up and gone together with them. As were walking along the sideways of our school campus, Lisa the girl who had a long straight hair of our group, one of the famous genius of our class and was also called our class president began to whisper to them, “do you see what I see?” “What? What? What did you see?” they replied. “Have you seen those two they’ve been silent for minutes, aren’t they perfect for each other?” “You mean Ashley and Jake,” they cried out loud. “Ashley and Jake are perfect for each other,” they began to teased. It actually annoys me but suddenly Jake the tall, dark and one of the hottest athletes in our school began to pushed me so hard, I began to feel mad at him and in return I give him my best shot to pushed him. When I noticed that it passed two hours so I hurried to the gate but Jake stopped me and began to ask if he could walk me to the gate of our school and I agreed. That day was one of my best days ever. From that day on, I started to think how small things could make you so happy. So day after days, we do the same things after we were dismissed by our teacher like doing some silly games, walking along the sideways of our school campus and goofing around was our thing and every night Jake and I would exchanged SMS messages.

Four months have pass, I’ve been thinking it out to myself why this crazy little things could make me gone insane, it feels like every day was full of happiness and surprises. The day of the talent show came everyone was thrilled and excited. The room was full of energy and everyone feels like dancing, well except me and a few of my classmates. Jake came to me and wants to goof around again I feel annoyed but I find myself caught up in his silly jokes, the way he smiles and laugh made my heart leap in every time his with me. He gave me courage to be who I wanna be and so I dance with him. There was even a time, when I was paired with another classmate of mine he was known as Chase the coolest nerd of our class and by the time we were dismissed Jake had been avoiding me. Upon realizing that he was been avoiding me it makes me feel happy the thought that he was jealous of me together with another guy. Night came, I send him an SMS message containing “Jake, I know we’ve been close for a little while. Just tell me honestly one thing, are you jealous with me and Chase?” I waited for his reply but it never came.

The last day of the school year came, I was beginning to think that I was drawn unto him and decided that this would be the day I would confessed my feelings for him. I can’t let things end just like this; feels like my heart would lose a missing piece without him. I ran all around the corners of our school but I never saw a traced of him. My heart became weak and restless, like my heart wanted to burst in excitement just to tell him that I love him way too much and I would feel breathless without him.

Summer came and I’m having the most boring days of my life stuck in my room checking the net, until an SMS message came. “I know we’ve been good friends. Whenever you need me I’ll be always here for you. You can even share your secrets to me. Now, can I ask you a question, who is you’re crush?” It came from Jake, the thought came to me as I received the message what if I tell him now, and my heart was beating faster and thought how would I reply him? So I decided to tell him the following day. Early in the morning, I raised up from my bed just to send him an SMS message containing: “What if I tell you, it’s you?” He never did replied.

A week came and I received the message that I’ve been longing that Jake would tell me and it said, “I LOVE YOU.” Knowing that he loves me, my heart jumps filled with joy and happiness. Without hesitation I send him an SMS saying, “I LOVE YOU, TOO.” It had been one of those happy moments of my entire life. Days pass by and everyday I’ve been feeling blue.

The month of June came and I’ve been feeling excited in seeing Jake again. It was never long enough until the first day of school came I walked along the hallways looking for him but before I could do so I met some of my classmates. We’ve been talking for a moment when I noticed there was a familiar figure heading towards us. Knowing that it was Jake, I turned around as if I didn’t notice him. When suddenly Vanessa one of my tallest classmates during third year and the one with black long hair began to cry aloud, “Ashley, its Jake.” As he walks along behind us, he suddenly touched my shoulders and I began to feel uneasy to move, it brings me sparks beneath my spine and my heart pounding so rapidly. Vanessa teased, “Hey, look guys Ashley is blushing.” Upon hearing those words it makes me feel so embarrassed. Realizing that Jake and I aren’t classmates anymore it makes me feel insecure and missing him more and more. Whenever we meet at the hallways, we can’t stop staring and smiling at each other. The following day, I was busy talking with Vanessa and I never noticed that Jake was just right behind us. I began to spoke, “Hey, who turned off the lights?” I feel so uneasy upon realizing that it was his hand that is binding my eyes, no wonder it is so warm. Everyday Jake would come and visit me in my classroom. There was even a time I was bullied by my classmates not anyone cared for me but except him. He tried to protect me from being hurt. He even said, “I would not allow myself to let anyone hurt you.” During that moment I feel safe and comfort. All my tears dried away because he gave me courage to believe in myself. Usually every love story ends in happily ever after but not all.

It was a nice weather to start the day not until I heard that Jake had a girlfriend but I thought it was just a big joke played on me. I never believe what the rumors say. Everyone was dismissed and so I headed to Jakes class I saw him together with Bianca one of the campus heart throb of our school. I felt my heart crushed into pieces as I see them talking and glancing at each other. My tears started to fell so I ran off and headed home. I made a promise to myself that I would forget everything about him. The following day, there he was at our class trying to catch my attention. He stared at me, his eyes full of questions. But I didn’t mind. He didn’t know how much courage I take to cover up my pain and endure it all. The following months was the most heart breaking moments of my life? Every day I would just stare at the window pane thinking of him, wondering if he misses me too, even during lunch time I snacked out of our class and head towards the restroom, there I would cry alone all by myself all those sad thoughts kept running gently in my heart the feeling that were close yet we were so far away and each night all those magical moments we had kept ringing in my head all night, the feeling of warmth and happiness was now long gone and the pain that I can’t bear take over me. One afternoon, accidentally I met few of my classmates last year and Jake was there too. When he saw me he began to turn around and walk out of the room. I hate the feeling whenever someone turned around me. I began to rush unto Jake like my heart is controlling me and telling me to do so. But I lost the sight of him. I believe it was never an accident but it was fate. There was a time, I saw Jake cry alone, and my heart is thorn as I saw him cry, I can’t bear seeing him cry and all I wished for him is happiness, during those times all I had in mind was to hugged and comfort him and tell him that I still love him but there isn’t a need for me to do so because I never was his girlfriend. So I hide behind the tree and deny all my feelings for Jake when all I wanted was to spend another moment beside him. But I was drowned with all my heartaches and pains, thought I could get over him with just a month but a month wasn’t enough than I expected. There was also a time I had my craziest moment that I couldn’t even control of myself in chasing after him but there was no sign of him. I was tired and my heart is raging with desires for him. Thinking, how would I smile without his presence? How would I laugh without him goofing around me? But, I don’t wanna think I’m selfish just because of love.

Graduation came, but this time around it was different. When I tried to look in his eyes, there I saw full of curiosity and pretending but still I don’t know why. My heart is confused and all I could think was him. His name sings in my ear, the moments we had been stuck in my head, his heart was still dwelling inside me, though tears reappear as the seniors make a farewell to the high school life. Knowing, I won’t see him no more my heart was filled with sadness. After graduation, I felt so helpless every day I can’t eat well and each night I felt sleepless crying over him.

A year had passed but I never regret knowing Jake, knowing that he is happy, I would be happy too. There were moments in our life we gave up just because of love. But we choose to love over and over again even though how many times we’ve felt pain. Because knowing that we have live and had loved was the most wonderful thing that God had given unto us and I’m grateful, if I hadn’t known Jake I may never know what it feels to risk everything for love.

For now I know, love is the sweetest pain, love is the sweetest feeling that we can’t resist. For the people who read this story believe it or not, true love really does exist. Just keep on believing that fate, destiny and love are in your hands.

03 August 2009


cinta lahir dalam hati dan bukan dalam bicara.

cinta boleh melukakan sekeping hati yang tidak berdosa. cinta pada Allah sahaja yang abadi

ramai orang pandai mengucapkan dan menghayati cinta, tetapi tidak ada sesiapa pun yang pandai menilai cinta kerana cinta bukannya objek yang boleh dilihat dengan mata kasar, sebaliknya cinta hanya boleh dimiliki melalui hati dan perasaan.

cinta memang indah, tetapi apabila cinta disertai dengan dusta dan pembohongan, maka, keindahan cinta itu akan pudar dan hilang.

cinta tidak boleh dipaksa. nantikan kehadirannya dengan sabar.. cinta datang pada saat yang tak terduga.. dan, jangan lari daripada cinta kerana cinta itu indah...

cinta tak harus saling memiliki..

cinta sangat misteri. punya kekuatan yang sangat luar biasa. bukan untuk difahami tetapi untuk dirasa. cinta adalah mencintai dan dicintai oleh insan yang ditakdirkan untuk kita. hanya saat kita merasakan cinta, kita akan tahu apa itu cinta.

cinta bukan dari kata-kata, tetapi dari segumpal keinginan yang diberikan kepada hati yang memerlukan.

jikalau kita tiba-tiba jatuh cinta pada sahabat sendiri, perasaan itu jangan kita tunjukkan kerana cinta akan merosakkan nilai sebuah persahabatan yang merupakan anugerah daripada Allah.

Sahabat Sejati~

sahabat sejati... seseorang yang selalu hadir sewaktu kita sedih dan kesepian. selalu bersama saat duka lara... memahami dan boleh menghiburkan.. tak pandang kaya atau miskin.. seseorang yang membantu kita bangun tatkala kita jatuh.. sama-sama menitiskan air mata bahagia sewaktu kita senang.. menjadi teman yang menghibur sewaktu kita tidak mempunyai sesiapa untuk bersandar...

Something to share

the most selfish one letter 'I' - avoid it
most satisfactory two letters 'WE' - use it
most poisonous three letters 'EGO'- kill it
most used four letters 'LOVE' - value it
most pleasing five letters 'SMILE' - keep it
fastest spreading six letters 'RUMOUR' - ignore it
hardworking seven letters 'SUCCESS' - achieve it
most enviable eight letters 'JEALOUSY' - distance it
most powerful nine letters 'KNOWLEDGE' - acquire it
most divine ten letters 'FRIENDSHIP' - maintain it

30 July 2009

Hari Anugerah~~

today is our school's Hari Anugerah... i have been busy helping atifa and teachers with the preparations for the Hari Anugerah's stage for 2 days... not just that, i also busy practising choir and caklempong for the past 2 weeks for this event.... the event went smoothly... but, as a student who are involved in several persembahan and anugerah, i have to rushing all the time to change my outfit and rushing to do persembahan and also rushing to take the anugerah.... just like what my friend said, i have to do fashion show today... because of the rushing, i missed the chance to talk to my kawad coach, En Rizal... it has been a long time since i last saw him.... miss him so much... hope next time i'll have a chance to thank him... because of him i won the anugerah gemilang khas kokurikulum unit beruniform (perempuan)... he really taught me a lot about Kadet Polis and kawad... and because of him, the KP girl squad won the kawad kaki formasi daerah and managed to go to the state level... i heard he also got take anugerah just now... congratz lo...... now, i can't really feel my own leg as my both legs are paining because i keep on running, jumping and rushing for the whole day... i am so tired today.... i'm going to have my nice sleep later... although i'm very tired, but i'm very satisfied and happy because this is my last event in school as i'm in form 5 this year.... need to study for SPM le lo.... trial is coming soon... hope my friends also started to study le o.... hehe

26 July 2009

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

today, i went to kl with my family to watch the movie 'Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince'... this is a very interesting movie... but this episode is a sad episode because of the death of Dumbledore......

below are the synopsis of the movie:
Scarred by his experience at the Ministry of Magic with Voldemort, Harry is reluctant to return to Hogwarts. Dumbledore encourages him to continue, after taking him to see a former professor, Horace Slughorn, hoping that Slughorn would return to Hogwarts and take Harry under his wing.

Meanwhile, Death Eaters begin to wreck havoc both towards Muggles, destroying the Millennium Bridge, and Wizards, kidnapping the wandmaker Mr. Ollivander and destroying his Diagon Alley shop. Bellatrix Lestrange entreats Severus Snape to enter an Unbreakable Vow with Draco Malfoy's mother, Narcissa, assuring that he will complete the task assigned to Draco should Draco fail and that he will protect him and make sure he doesn't get hurt. Harry, Ron and Hermione, while in Diagon Alley, spot Draco entering Borgin and Burkes and taking part in a ritual with other Death Eaters, and become suspicious of his actions.

At Hogwarts, the school is under tight security to prevent the Death Eaters from entering the school. With Slughorn back to teach Potions, Snape is given Defense Against the Dark Arts. Harry and Ron are encouraged by Professor McGonagall to take up Potions now that Slughorn, with lower standards, is teaching the class; however, as neither was expecting to take the course, they are given textbooks. Harry's book is annotated with more exact instructions to complete potions, giving him an edge over the other students, and finds that it once belonged to the "Half-Blood Prince", a term Hermione cannot figure out. Meanwhile, Ron becomes the successful Gryffindor's Quidditch goalie, attracting the love of Lavender Brown, much to Hermione's chagrin. Harry is also upset over Ginny's attraction to Dean Thomas. During the Christmas Break while Harry and Ron are at the Burrow, the Death Eaters come intending to kidnap Harry, but are forced to retreat after they are outnumbered by Order of the Phoenix members. Before they leave they set fire to the Burrow, and the Weasleys are gathered outside the house, leaving Harry regretting the evil that he has brought down upon people he cares about.

Dumbledore reveals to Harry through the Pensieve memories of Tom RiddleVoldemort's original nameincluding a false memory from Slughorn, when Riddle asked him about a certain resistricted Dark Art. The memory fails to reveal this art, and Dumbledore believes that the key to defeating Voldemort is to learn what Dark Art Riddle asked about, and instructs Harry to further confide himself to Slughorn. Using a Luck potion he won earlier in the school year, Harry is able to bring Slughorn to be intoxicated with Hagrid and convinces the professor in his stupor to give him the true memory. This memory reveals that Riddle inquired about the creation of Horcruxes, devices that store a portion of the creator's soul to allow them to live indefinitely. Dumbledore reveals that Riddle's diary and his mother's ring were two of seven Horcruxes that Riddle had created, and that they must track these down and destroy them to make Voldemort mortal.

Meanwhile, Harry continues to be suspicious of Draco's actions, following him around the school but no success in determining what he seeks. Harry believes Draco to be behind two indirect attempts on Dumbledore's life, one through a cursed necklace that Katie Bell, under an Imperius Curse, was bringing to Dumbledore as a gift, and another through a bottle of poisoned wine that Slughorn, similarly cursed, planned to give to the professor. The latter is discovered accidently when Ron ingests the poison; though he recovers with medical treatment, he unconsciously mumbles Hermione's name in front of Lavender, sending her away crying. After this incident, Harry corners Draco in the toilets and after a short fight casts the Sectumsempra curse from the Half-Blood Prince's book, severely harming Draco. Snape arrives knowing that he let Draco get hurt and that he broke one of the promises and heals him. Ginny convinces Harry to hide the book in the Room of Requirement to prevent him from using it again; there, they discover, unknown to them, a Vanishing Cabinet, which Draco has been attempting to repair, but think nothing of it further. Ginny also reveals her love for Harry, and they kiss after she hides the book.

Dumbledore implores Harry to help him recover another Horcrux, the location of which he recently learned. The two apparate to a seaside cliff, and enter a cave where the Horcrux is located. On a small crystalline island, Dumbledore forces Harry to make him drink a mind-altering liquid in order to reveal the Horcrux. While Dumbledore recovers from the liquid, Harry recovers the Horcrux, a small pendant. Harry tries to help Dumbeldore recover, but they are attacked by numerous inferi. Dumbledore recovers in time to set them aflame, and the two return to the Astronomy Tower at Hogwarts.

Dumbledore, still weakened by the trial, instructs Harry to go to get Snape. However, before Harry can go, footsteps are heard, and Dumbledore tells Harry to hide on the lower floor. The footsteps belong to Draco, who prepares to kill Dumbledore, but cannot bring himself to do so. Meanwhile, with the Vanishing Cabinet fixed, Bellatrix and other Death Eaters are able to invade Hogwarts through a similar cabinet at Borgin and Burkes, and join Draco in the tower. Snape silently arrives on the lower floor, indicating to Harry to stay quiet, and then goes upstairs, joining the other Death Eaters. Snape then casts the killing spell Avada Kedavra on Dumbledore, throwing him over the side of the Tower and killing him. Snape, Draco, and the other Death Eaters depart the school, Bellatrix casting the Death Eaters' sign over the school, destroying the Great Hall and setting fire to Hagrid's hut in glee. Harry tries to stop them with the Sectumsempra spell, but Snape deflects it and stuns him. As he departs, he explains that he is the Half-Blood Prince and the creator of the spell.

Harry returns to the school to find the staff and students mourning over Dumbledore's death. Harry walks over to Dumbledore's body lying in front of them, grieving as Ginny comforts him. When he returns to the late headmaster's office one last time, McGonagall confronts him and asks him to open up to her, but he does not comply and leaves. A portrait of Dumbledore can be seen hanging on a wall behind them.

Harry reveals to Ron and Hermione that the Horcrux they got was a fake, containing a message from an "R.A.B." that stated he had already taken it, but is also seeking to end Voldemort's life. Harry tells his friends that he does not plan to return next year, instead seeking out R.A.B. and the other Horcruxes so that he may put an end to Voldemort; Ron and Hermione remind Harry that they are his friends and will help alongside him in his goal.

21 July 2009

Fiendship Quotes~

don't walk in front of me, i may not follow,
don't walk behind me, i may not lead,
walk beside me, and be my friend.

a hug is worth a thousand words,
a friend is worth more..

friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life...

friendship is one mind in two bodies and two souls in one body...

truth and tears clear the way to a deep and long-lasting friendship..

friendship: a building contact you sign with laughter and break with tears...

without friends, no one would choose to live, though they had all other goods..

when friends stop being frank and useful to each and other,
the whole world loses some of its radiance...

never kiss a friend, if you have deeper feelings,
never reveal them, or you'll lose your friend forever...

do not save your loving speeches for your friend till they are dead.
do not write them on their thombstone either. speak them rather now instead...

if all my friends were to jump off a bridge, i wouldn't jump with them,
i'd be at the bottom to catch them...

time isn't what makes friendship last, it's love and devotion that keeps the tie between souls...

material things cannot make the soul whole,
only the loses trust and loyalty of friends can do that....

there is no distance too great between friends,
for love gives wings to the heart...

a friendship is like a rainbow, they brighten your life when you have been through a storm...

11 July 2009

Atifa's Birthday Surprise Party~~~

yesterday, me, maryam, kama, syazlin, amin, azzard, syafiq, aman, dzaim, atiqah dan puteri went to easy cafe to celebrate atifa's birthday... this was the first surprise party planned by me myself and maryam... we planned it since last week... atifa thought yesterday was the gathering for syafiq... we surprised her with a chocolate cake... she love chocolate... and the best part was we don't even have to sing the birthday song.... the birthday song was played by the radio there in the shop... so nice... hehe... after eating cake, atifa opened her presents.... she was happy with the presents she got.... hehe.. happy birthday lo Atifa...

06 July 2009

Welcome Home~~

Today, my mom just came back from Pasir Salak. she went there since last thursday... she went for BTN course... kursus biro tatanegara.... she said she went there and learn about lots of thing... especially sejarah.... she said she can teach me sejarah if i don't understand... hehe... now my mom became a sejarah teacher instead of english teacher lo.... just now, she talked to me about the perlembagaan, the perjanjian and all sorts of thing... my mom really can't stop talking about sejarah le... she said the course made her love sejarah... made her feel sejarah is an interesting subject... so, if next time you got any problem regarding sejarah, can always ask my mom o... hehe

05 July 2009


haha... i juz finished watching the drama 霹雳MIT... the drama is quite interesting... sort of like detective conan de... solving problems....i fell in love with this drama le... although sometimes it is quite scary... but still... very interesting....

these are some information about the drama,
片 名】:霹雳MIT
【片 长】:未知
【地 区】:中国台湾
【类 型】:校园侦探剧
【语 言】:国语 普通话
【主 演】:
人物介绍007 逻辑推理能力一流的冷酷男「詹士德」(炎亚纶饰)
天魔星 依靠算命直觉的恍神公主「李晓星」(吴映洁〈鬼鬼〉饰)

在这个 史上号称校规最严苛的百年私校「圣英学园」里,学生之间口耳相传的,不是春风化雨的老掉牙故事,而是一旦有人想破坏校园宁静、引发可怕风波的时候,霹雳 MIT就会出动,及时阻止事件的发生,默默守护著圣英的正义与和平的传奇。因种种原因,霹雳MIT消失,校园开始作乱,只剩下末代霹雳美眉CHERRY老 师(范玮琪饰)。为了振兴校园、重伸正义,决定感召代号007「詹士德」(炎亚纶饰)、187「钱富豪」(陆庭威饰)、747「黄辉宏」(黄鸿升〈小鬼〉 饰)以及天魔星 「李晓星」(吴映洁〈鬼鬼〉饰)这四名‘无恶不作‘的学生,成立新一代进化版的 霹雳MIT」,来阻止校园里的作恶,让圣英学园重回过去的辉煌美名。
   当校园里第一个不幸意外发生,谁也没想到这只是整个恶整游戏的开端,黑暗中窥视著一切的恶魔,早已悄悄接近CHERRY老师所带领的霹雳MIT,要和他们 玩一场恶魔游戏。每一道关卡获胜的人,可以得到一块拼图,只要将所有拼图拼凑起来,就可以得知恶魔的真面目。但是,万一输了的话,这个学校就会受到永远的 诅咒,再也没有恢复平静的一天。为了圣英学园,霹雳队员纷纷出动对抗黑暗势力,但谁是恶魔?曾是美眉教主的天使老师(田丽饰)又与CHERRY老师有何恩 怨?而在充满危机的任务下,霹雳队员们的友情、爱情,又会对任务产生什麼样的影响?




20 June 2009


Haiz.....I'm very disappointed with my own best friend...they should not bully the others...if they bully the juniors, i still can accept can they bully their own seniors and don't have any respect to them....that really shocked me...i know they are good...they are the come they did that to their own seniors? i don't understand....haiz....i know i'm not one of them and i don't have the right to critic about them...but...they are still wrong...i'm a leader too...i know it's not easy to be a leader out's still not a right way to not respect the the others want to respect you as you din respect the others? think about it...i'm not agree with what they did to the seniors...have they ever think that whithout the seniors, they are nothing, but just a empty bottle? get a high pangkat din mean that you are the best and put the others under your shoes....if the seniors din let they go for the kenaikan pangkat, they also can't get the pangkat....there are still the good seniors out there...they get the pangkat as the seniors gave the chance to them....if not, they are still an ordinary person wothout any be humble and respect the others....i'm just giving my comment at my point of view...sorry if i hurt anyone with my comment.... i just don't think it's the right way to be a good all as the juniors are still young and talented....but...still you have to learn from the seniors...learn to be humble and respect the others ba... so that you can be a better leader....

16 June 2009


Friendship come and go
like wave upon the sand
like day and night
like birds in flight
like snowflakes when they land
but you and i are something else
Our friendship here stay always
like weeds and rocks and dirty socks
it never goes away!

~Friendship Forever~

We came from somewhere
We met here and stood as one
When problem arised
We hold our hand tightly
Building a barrier against it
When happiness were around
We shared them equally
When one cried
Pairs of hands came wiping the tears
When one in pain
We all suffered too
When one was alone
We all accompanied together
When one was heartbroken
We all fixed it with our smiles

Will this happen again?
Will all this be a part of our life again?
Will we be there
For each and other again?
Will we get a chance
To hold our hands together?
To laugh together?
To share happiness and sorrow together?

One day
We go away apart from others
As a stranger?
That one day
We'll cry alone in the dark
With only the silent night beside
For we'll have no hands to wipe away our tears
For we'll have no shoulders to lean on
For we'll have no one to hear es

As we leave, lets leave as ONE
And if possible, live as ONE
Friendship forever...

Written by,
My Dear Sissy,
Karthiapurani Thirugana Selvan

13 June 2009

Byebye Holiday...

Today is the last day of the holiday....i'll be going back to school tomorrow...wake up early, study from morning til afternoon... tuition on the evening and night.... haiz.... back to the busy life.... hope after this there will be no more co-curriculum activity... if not, sure there will be not enough time for me to stdy for my SPM... i heard Miss liow said that UPSI wants our school's choir and caklempong for an activity on July... hope i don't have to get involve... my ears cannot bear to hear any of my parents and teachers nagging anymore....

11 June 2009


I am forcing myself to do my school homework... but... it's not easy.... i am too lazy to pick up my pen and twist my brain to finish up my homework... haiz~~why teacher have to give us soooo many homework? i don't get it... i just don't like homework....i want to rest... but... i can't... haiyo~no matter what, i have to finish my homework before the school reopens... if not, the teachers sure will KILL me....haiz

09 June 2009

A Long Night~~

yesterday, my grandparents, my aunty and cousin brother came to my house.... it was a fine evening.... we all went to eat dinner at 6.30pm... everyone ordered except my grandpa... he said he's scared that he can't finish the food so he decided to share with my brother....we had our dinner early because my father need to send my cousin brother to the train station.... after that, we all went usual, i watched tv, play uno card with my brother until 11.00pm... suddenly, i heard a cry from the's my grandpa's voice...he's in pain...he said his leg, my father took the medicine and put on his leg...then, i massage his father then went to sleep because he has to drive to kl the next morning...i continue massage my grandpa's leg...he then said that his head spinning....i then massage his head....suddenly, he said something that made me sad...he said that no one care about him when he is sick....that's so not true! i do care about him... i love him... but why he said that no one care about him? i don't understand...finally, my grandpa went to sleep at 1.45am...i took my pillow and lie beside my grandpa... i'm scared that he will be in pain and wake up once again.... i watched the clock's needle turn from 2 to 3.... my grandpa still sleeping....then i took my pillow back to my room and try to sleep....but i can't sleep....i can't stop thinking of what my grandpa said earlier....haiz~~

08 June 2009

My Future~~

Today, my mom asked me what is my aim after my SPM.... hmm~~what a tough question... i really don't know what is my aim after this SPM..... For sure, i won't be a teacher..... be a teacher is not as easy as what people think..... the responsible of a teacher is as big as a responsible of a mother to her child...... i also don't want to be like my mom..... doing work from morning til night.... nonstop leh... then, my mom came out with an idea... she asked me to be a doctor... OMG!! it's not easy to be a doctor.... my result are not as good as others.... after that, my mom came out with another idea.... she asked me to be a dentist instead of being a doctor..... hmm~~~ that's not bad... i'll think about it..... haiz~~why everybody starts to ask me the same question? i really don't have any plan for my future yet.... but.... haiz..... maybe they are right..... maybe it's time for me to grow up and think of my own future.....

07 June 2009

~Final Fantasy X~

Final Fantasy X begins late in the story, with the main character, Tidus, waiting with his allies outside the ruined city of Zanarkand. Tidus narrates the series of events leading up to his present situation, which spans most of the game's storyline. It begins in Tidus' home city, the unruined and high-tech Zanarkand, where he is a renowned star of the underwater sport blitzball. During a blitzball tournament, the city is attacked by an immense creature shrouded in water known as Sin. The city is destroyed, and Tidus is taken by Sin to the world Spira.

After arriving in Spira, Tidus is rescued by Al Bhed divers in the area, and upon asking where he is from, one of them, Rikku, tells him that Zanarkand had been destroyed 1000 years earlier. After another attack by Sin, Tidus is separated from the divers and drifts to the tropical island Besaid, where he meets Wakka, the captain of the local blitzball team. Wakka introduces Tidus to Yuna, a young summoner planning a pilgrimage to destroy Sin using the "Final Aeon" from the ruins of Zanarkand. Accompanying Yuna are her guardians: Lulu, Wakka and Kimahri. The party travels to gather aeons, defending against attacks by Sin. The party encounters Auron, who joins them. He reveals to Tidus that Yuna's father, Lord Braska; Tidus's father, Jecht; and he himself made the same pilgrimage and defeated Sin ten years ago. Tidus thought his father had died at sea ten years earlier. Following more encounters with Sin, they are joined by Rikku, who is revealed to be Yuna's cousin.

When the party arrives in the Guado city Guadosalam, Seymour proposes to Yuna, and she informs the group of her intent to marry him for Spira's sake. Seymour's aide, Tromell, guides the group to Guadosalam's temple, where they see a message from Seymour's late father. He declares he was killed by his son, and that Seymour's evil nature will destroy Spira. The group engages Seymour in battle and defeats him; soon afterward, Sin attacks the group and they lose track of Yuna. Rikku guides the group to the Al Bhed "Home", which is under attack by Yevon. While searching Home's base, Tidus learns that a summoner must give their life to perform the "Final Summoning". Using the Al Bhed's airship, they escape the base before it is destroyed. The group resolves to save Yuna and they discover her at Bevelle, where she is forced into marrying the now unsent Seymour. They interrupt the wedding and escape with Yuna towards Mt. Gagazet, where Seymour has slaughtered the tribe there; after defeating him, the group heads to Zanarkand.

Tidus learns that he, Jecht, and the Zanarkand they hail from are summoned entities akin to aeons. Long ago a summoner named Yevon had the city's surviving people become "fayth" so that he could use their memories of Zanarkand to create a new city in its image, removed from the warfare on the Spiran mainland. Sin was also created, given form by Yevon to serve as armor; protecting himself and the fayth. While continuously summoning Dream Zanarkand, Yevon lost his humanity and became known as Yu Yevon, a being existing solely to maintain Dream Zanarkand's existence. Over the next 1000 years, Sin would persistently attack the people of Spira to prevent the discovery of Dream Zanarkand's existence.

Once the player completes Yuna's pilgrimage, Lady Yunalesca—Yevon's daughter and the first summoner to have defeated Sin tells the group that the Final Aeon is created from the spirit of one close to a summoner. After defeating Sin, Yu Yevon's spirit possesses the aeon, transforming it into a new Sin. The group decides against using the Final Aeon and they defeat Yunalesca. They then seek a new way to permanently destroy Sin that will not require any sacrifices. This leads the group to enter Sin's body and battle Seymour, Jecht's imprisoned spirit, and Yu Yevon. Sin's cycle of rebirth ends, and the spirits of Spira's fayth are freed from their imprisonment, dispersing the pyreflies of the aeons, Dream Zanarkand, and Tidus in the process. Afterward, in a speech to the citizens of Spira, Yuna resolves to help rebuild the world now that it is free of Sin. After the credits, there is a brief scene with Tidus underwater. He opens his eyes and begins swimming upward, and the screen fades to white. There is also a romance subplot between Tidus and Yuna where during the story, they build a relationship which is forced to end when Tidus fades away. However, the underwater scene, as well as a possible continuation of their relationship, is explained (if the player meets certain conditions) in the sequel,Final Fantasy X-2.