30 July 2009

Hari Anugerah~~

today is our school's Hari Anugerah... i have been busy helping atifa and teachers with the preparations for the Hari Anugerah's stage for 2 days... not just that, i also busy practising choir and caklempong for the past 2 weeks for this event.... the event went smoothly... but, as a student who are involved in several persembahan and anugerah, i have to rushing all the time to change my outfit and rushing to do persembahan and also rushing to take the anugerah.... just like what my friend said, i have to do fashion show today... because of the rushing, i missed the chance to talk to my kawad coach, En Rizal... it has been a long time since i last saw him.... miss him so much... hope next time i'll have a chance to thank him... because of him i won the anugerah gemilang khas kokurikulum unit beruniform (perempuan)... he really taught me a lot about Kadet Polis and kawad... and because of him, the KP girl squad won the kawad kaki formasi daerah and managed to go to the state level... i heard he also got take anugerah just now... congratz lo...... now, i can't really feel my own leg as my both legs are paining because i keep on running, jumping and rushing for the whole day... i am so tired today.... i'm going to have my nice sleep later... although i'm very tired, but i'm very satisfied and happy because this is my last event in school as i'm in form 5 this year.... need to study for SPM le lo.... trial is coming soon... hope my friends also started to study le o.... hehe