26 March 2011


i received a letter today....
it was a meaningful one....
u did grew up my dear~ ^^
glad to hear tat~ XD
anyway, thanks for all those things you have done for me...
i will never forget that... ^^
and, i din noe tat i gave you sooo many pictures~ haha XD
nice~ XD
a reply??
i dun think u nid tat...
cuz, i've always take you as a very good friend to me...
a very good and special one....
though we were nt as close as before, bt, staying as best friends were the best choice...
oh!! and pliz dun avoid me anymore... it hurts!! >_<
and! dun think sooo much~ pretty pliz?? hmm~ u'll get old easily if u keep on tat way...
ah!! and... dun be sad anymore... u dun look gud when u r sad... nah~~ i dun like~
so... be strong ok?? i'm always with you~ =)

25 March 2011

grrrrr~ geramnye!!!!!~

ada lah sorang makcik nie... mke xde la tue mana... kakak kot... ntah la.... lantak la!!
dh la dtg umah poh2 x bg salam, i mean 'hi', ikt suka ati bapak die je masuk, pas tu ada ke patut die ckp saya, ye, saya, LIYANA BINTI HASNAN ni ORANG GAJI???? gila ke?? buta ke?? bodoh??? ke semua??? eeee!! tolong la!!!
apa???? ponpuan keje die ddk kt dpn, tgk tv, mkn, tido, GEMOK je ke???
EH!! tmpt pompuan kt dapur la minah!!!
mmg sye ada kt dapur tgh cuci sayur, salah ke??? bodoh la minah nie!!! MAMPOS LA!
dh la mntak nasi lemak.... eh, org pegi kuar beli, dh la kene kejar anjing, lg nk komplain nasi lemak tu x sdp?? igt sye yg masak ke??? agak2 la~~ KOMPLAIN JE~ MEMBEBEL~ sume ada~ tolong la... dh tua2 pun nk komplain mcm tu.... nk ckp dpn org~ ske kn mengaibkn cucu sndiri dpn org??? ada x pk penat org, ada x pk kesusahan org?? tau pk diri sendiri je... dh tua2 pun penting kn diri sendri je~ eh! kalah budak la!!
next time! dun ask me why i dunwan to come and take care of you anymore!!! >_<
i had had enuf of you!

21 March 2011

text and calls??

did you ever get any texts and calls from unknown people??
oh~ i did.... thousands of times...
and i hate it...
mark my lips.. I, H...A...T...E... I..T.. I HATE IT!!~ >_<
understood tat??
hmm.... why those kind of people exist in this world??
giving me uncountable headache and heartache... >_<
oh yeah! last time, my kak ngah received a phone call from an unknown person who was looking for abi?? i guess?? i can;t remember though.. cuz, i dun really remember bullshit people... huhu~ and then, that 'person' or should i call him/her 'ALIEN' doesn;t really understand Bahasa Malaysia, although him/her is a malay... and then he/her kept on saying that my kak ngah is the girl that he was looking for... DAMN HIM?HER!!! S..T..U..PID!!~ or.... PIG!!! haiz.... useless person.. thn he/she texted my kak ngah and gave us headache... my god... he/she is really an ALIEN~ my god~ >_< and he did it again last night!!!!! >_< whatever!! just livein your own way stupid alien~
phew~~~ that the story from my kak ngah experience...
now, my own experience, there's this one guy named putra, he said that he wanted to be my friend... okay... and then he told me that he got my number from my friend named zeck... that is bullshit!!! i never had a friend named zeck.. and how does he know that i'm from method?? wow~ that was awesome... however, after countless questions threw by me, he did not reply meafter that... hmm~ NICE!! bt, i'm still confused... cuz, i dun really know where he got my num... anyway, just chill... i'm not going to entertain all this anymore.... sooooo tired with this.... huh~
ok... now, i think i'll work on a story... huhu~ sooo long din write a story cuz all these while i've been doing ACADEMIC WRITING which i'm not gud in and i dun really think that i'll do well in my exam... my god~~~ >_<
anyway, i'm gonna pray to god for that... i've worked hard on it.... =(
till next time guys!! XD tata~ =)

dinner night~

okay~~ dinner??
it was my first time attending dinner...
i just wore a simple short dress with a pair of long white pants....
thn, i was forced to wear this shawl~ huhu~
ok.... tat was my first time too~
so... we went to the hotel uitm for the dinner...
although we were late for 30 minutes, it was fantastic...
and the food there... i can say that it was awesome, EXCEPT, for the salad in the beginning~ >_<
anyway, there were lots of performances that night....
singing, poetry recitation, singing, funny act show, singing... and basically, singing! haha XD
we had a lot of fun together... it was a big family although not everyone fron the asasi tesl was there....
and... the candle... we ligthed up the candla that was given to us, and it represents our bond... the bond that we created in those 10 months.... XD
anyway, we also cried after all the joy that we had...
it is because the sadness that overwhelmed us when the time for parting came to us...
hugging, crying and giving support to each other were something precious that we won't have next time cuz we are about to be far away from each other...
to all my friends out there, remember this, whenever you are, wherever you go, i will always be in your heart.. and i will always remember you all~ =)

17 March 2011

wad is your problem??!!

mmg sye kwn ngan die sbb korea jew!!!
mmg sye xde motif lain nk kwn ngan die lg kn????
mmg sye kwn ngan die sbb nk tau psal T-ARA jew!!!
mmg sye xikhlas nk kwn ngan die!!!
mmg sye kwn ngan die utk amik kesempatan die jew!!
MMG!! MMG!!!
PUAS HATI??!!!!!!
mmg sye sakit hati skrg nie!!!!
kn awk xske korea.....
xyah la kwn ngan kitorang!!!
senang kn???
apa yg susah sgt????
jealous la konon.....
xtau la nk ckp apa dh!!~ >_<
ha'ah kn..... bak kte salah seorang drpd adk brdk kitorang, "wad's the point of pretending in front of us since you dun like us???"
thank you~ =)

15 March 2011

yes! u always do wadever u like!!

who do you think you are???
our parents???
hey!!~ mind ur own actions ok???
i can't accept the fact that you always pretend in front of us....
wad??? do you think we all like you?? SORRY!!~
yesterday, you were sooooo angry and bang the car door....
and today, without any apologize, u juz came to us with that stupid innocent face and stupid happy mood and greet us....
waiting for us to get moving...
u wanna join us???
hey!!~ wad is tis all about??
who do you think you are???
why do you always stick with us??
is is really hard to live on ur own??
and you invited him to eat lunch with us???
tis is really ridiculous!~
with his stingyness and also boredom that he showed us, do you think tat we can stand him??
HUH!~ i can't stop being angry!~
i really dun understand you....
why do you hav to make our life miserable??
why?? WHY?? WHY????
i juz dun understand!~
anyway, thank you very much because you made my life miserable and suffering~
=D =D =D =D

mak, abah, kak long, kak ngah and usu~~

nie nk cite nie...
belakangan nie.....
sye ada family bru tau!!~
parents sye haziq and nadia~~~
sweeeeet giilleeeerrrr parents sye~~~
hmm~ cite pasal adk beradik plak....
sye nieee... anak ketiga~~~
sye kak chik~~ hehe~
kak long sye rara~~ kak ngah sye mira~~ hihi~~
and usu sye maiyamin~~
family kitorang happy giler~
i love my new family!~
<3 <3
luv ya all always!!!!!!!

14 March 2011

congratulation!!~ chukkahae!!!~

to my dear flend~~
my dear loommate......
i dunno u noe my blog add or not...
tapi ar.... x kira... nk jgk post!!!~
ceritanya mcm nie.....
ada la olang tu.... ada org ckp org tu ske die!!~
ye... lepas beberapa kali terseksa jiwa dan raga akibat merana sakit ati.....
sebab lelaki yg menyakiti hatinya...
akhirnya.... AKHIRNYA~~~~~
someone appeared!!!~
yeah~~~~ i am glad and happy and bahagia tau!!!~
alamak!~ tetiba teringat plak lagu T-ARA....
i demam T-ARA tau skrg!!~
lagu wae ireoni..... knock knock knock knock!!~ hehe~~
ottokae??? chowahae??? hhihihihihihi~~~ XD XD
i noe i noe i noe~~~~ XD XD
be happy my dear!~ =) =)

13 March 2011


yea.... door....
you think tat the door is ur dad's door???
u think u cn bang on the door because u wan to??
are you crazy???
i guess u are....
dun u noe tat there are human who are sitting there???
u dunno??
or u r blind???
dun think tat u r always rite ok???
wad?? u think u take law thn u will be a very successful lawyer huh??
no!!~ i dun think so~
anyway, for another person, u think tat car belongs to you???
wad??? if u are angry of us, can't u juz say it out loud??
is there any problem???
my god........ u are making things worse...
actually, i dun like you...
so, i dun feel lonely if i lose you....
i dun even put a little damn care of you are not my friend anymore... ok???
hmm~ fine...
i'm juz angry~~ XD XD
and.... writing test....
i dun like the test~~~ >_<
anyway, i'm much more pissed off with the girl who bang the car door juz now....
no manner at all!!!~
dah la naik kete org, tp,x sedor diri!!!~ apa???? igt aku kisah???? tlg skit....
nk mengamok konon, aku pon boleh mengamuk la minah..... =P

11 March 2011

why are we strangers now??

yes... tat was a title tat catched my eyes..... and i decided to read them....
hmm~ below are the content~

i know what happened in the past hurt us,
but, why..?
we are worst than strangers now..

even strangers look at each other at times,
but not us..
it was bad,
it is!
still, a simple hi could not be that hard, right?
or maybe even, a quick glance?
it's still a no, hey?

i never imagine it would be this difficult,
i mean..
we moved on, right?
but why can't we..?
say hi..?

i never care when it was the first time i saw you after months of, you know what..
but when it was the second time,
and this time we were closer,
the question suddenly popped.


we know the same thing won't happen again,
i just can't see the rational of that.
will a simple smile hurt us?
will a simple hi torture us?
will a simple look bleed us?

i don't think so..
you see..
we live so far from each other before,
and we know we will be going different path after this,
why can't we just be nice to each other?
for once?

getting over it is not easy,
but a simple thing won't tear it apart right?
i mean, we can't fall in love in a second right?
then, just a hi, please?
we used to be so close,
shared everything..
but we are strangers now..
with one reason that i can think of,
i can't think of a reason..
i can't think of anything..

i guess you really hate me now,
(if hate is the word, it hurts)
saying good bye for the last time is meaningful,
smiling at one another, is priceless..

just live life to the fullest..
if i can't say hi, then..
i'll say good bye, here..

may you make history,
so i get the chance to book them..

nice of knowing you, stranger..
you are the most important chapter in my life..

this was written by a friend of mine.... it really touched my heart....
hmm.... after what had happened, do we have to be strangers??
i don't know... i am not sure about this either....
maybe i tried too much to make it easy on you...
but, you ended up avoiding me.... din u??
hmm.... maybe stay as a stranger is the best...
but, i dun think so....
anyway, tat was just my opinion...
it doesn;t matter rite??
hmm... as long as u r happy and far away from the sadness that i've caused you, tat is fine wif me....
u can keep on avoiding me if you want...
a week, a month, a year, or... forever...
as long as you are happy...
only tat matters...
hmm~ okei...
i've done writing out all my opinions, now, gt to go back to my books~
to my friends who are having their holiday now, happy holiday!!!
to them who are preparing for exam like me, gud luck!!!!
and to them who are depressed or tension, cheer up!!!
and... last but not least, let's pray for the japanese.... i juz heard the news and it shocked me... maybe Allah S.W.T. wants us to be more concern and give us warning... anyway, dun forget to pray for them.... AMIN~ ^^
till next time~~ =)

07 March 2011


it's sooooo funny...
at first... me and my best friend, kecik, went out from mawar at 12.30++
thn.... we straight away hopped on a bus labelled 603 to get to seksyen 2...
thn, send the laptop to meranti... and head towards kfc...
we first had our lunch....
and then, we eat... for about... erm.... an hour?? haha XD XD
u noe girls.... haha XD XD
thn, we started studying....
but, i was busy copying movies and videos....
thn i joined my friends and studied literature.....
it's not tat easy...
it requires me to think..... A LOT...
i hate that.... =.="
ok... moving on...
thn, we had some break....
haha XD XD
which is..... NOW!!~ huhu~
i'm still having my break while both of them are practising their PHONETICS which i am not really good at...
cuz... i DIN PRACTISE!!!~
my god~~ i need to start practising now...
and join them....
till next time~
bye bye~~~~