11 March 2011

why are we strangers now??

yes... tat was a title tat catched my eyes..... and i decided to read them....
hmm~ below are the content~

i know what happened in the past hurt us,
but, why..?
we are worst than strangers now..

even strangers look at each other at times,
but not us..
it was bad,
it is!
still, a simple hi could not be that hard, right?
or maybe even, a quick glance?
it's still a no, hey?

i never imagine it would be this difficult,
i mean..
we moved on, right?
but why can't we..?
say hi..?

i never care when it was the first time i saw you after months of, you know what..
but when it was the second time,
and this time we were closer,
the question suddenly popped.


we know the same thing won't happen again,
i just can't see the rational of that.
will a simple smile hurt us?
will a simple hi torture us?
will a simple look bleed us?

i don't think so..
you see..
we live so far from each other before,
and we know we will be going different path after this,
why can't we just be nice to each other?
for once?

getting over it is not easy,
but a simple thing won't tear it apart right?
i mean, we can't fall in love in a second right?
then, just a hi, please?
we used to be so close,
shared everything..
but we are strangers now..
with one reason that i can think of,
i can't think of a reason..
i can't think of anything..

i guess you really hate me now,
(if hate is the word, it hurts)
saying good bye for the last time is meaningful,
smiling at one another, is priceless..

just live life to the fullest..
if i can't say hi, then..
i'll say good bye, here..

may you make history,
so i get the chance to book them..

nice of knowing you, stranger..
you are the most important chapter in my life..

this was written by a friend of mine.... it really touched my heart....
hmm.... after what had happened, do we have to be strangers??
i don't know... i am not sure about this either....
maybe i tried too much to make it easy on you...
but, you ended up avoiding me.... din u??
hmm.... maybe stay as a stranger is the best...
but, i dun think so....
anyway, tat was just my opinion...
it doesn;t matter rite??
hmm... as long as u r happy and far away from the sadness that i've caused you, tat is fine wif me....
u can keep on avoiding me if you want...
a week, a month, a year, or... forever...
as long as you are happy...
only tat matters...
hmm~ okei...
i've done writing out all my opinions, now, gt to go back to my books~
to my friends who are having their holiday now, happy holiday!!!
to them who are preparing for exam like me, gud luck!!!!
and to them who are depressed or tension, cheer up!!!
and... last but not least, let's pray for the japanese.... i juz heard the news and it shocked me... maybe Allah S.W.T. wants us to be more concern and give us warning... anyway, dun forget to pray for them.... AMIN~ ^^
till next time~~ =)