28 August 2010

love? is it born to be controlled?

love... it is something complicated for us to understand.... but, when we are really in love, we can disolve that compication and experience the sweet moments with joy and happiness. but, what will happen when someone that you love is controlling your life? is that something that we can call as sweet memory? is it something that we can be proud of? when you don't understand what is love, you tend to try to fall into it, but, when you already fell into it, you tend to escape from it. why is this happening? it is crystal clear that you dun understand what is LOVE!!!~ is it?? but.... you don't know what had happened... just imagine, whenever you are planning to go out and have some fun or even release tension with your friends, you beloved one doesn't let you go.... not enough with that, he'll present himself at the shopping mall that you are planning to go and walk through the whole shopping mall just to make sure that you are not there. besides that, he will access to your phone account and check you account just to make sure who did you text or call... where is the freedom for you?? we want something call love to present in our live, but, we cannot lose our freedom too... if the one that we love keep on doing the things that he likes to control us from doing this and that, then, what else can we do? just entertain him and leave the entertainment for ourself behind and locked it in a room? like that??? it is soooo not true!!~ why must he control you when you didn't even tend to control him and chain him with you all the time.... my dear.... love is something to be shared.... not some sort of reason for you to control the one that you love.... if you ever use the reason "do you love me? if you do... then please.... promise me.... bla bla bka....".... that kind of reason shall not appear in the world of love..... you can't control someone's will, body and heart.... if you keep on doing that, you have to prepare to lose the one that you love... remember that~